Urban Outfitters Comes To Suburbia

In what is apparently big retail news, Urban Outfitters will move into the Church Lane space formerly occupied by Metro Swimshop.

It doesn’t seem like that big a space.  But it will take Urban Outfitters a year to redo the building.  Occupancy is scheduled for April 2012.

Westport Patch — which first reported this story — says that casual clothier Urban Outfitters “caters to a younger crowd (teens and young adults)” than its Westport Anthropologie store, which it also owns.

Welcome to Westport, one more store that is apparently very cool and important, which I will never in a bajillion years set foot in.

14 responses to “Urban Outfitters Comes To Suburbia

  1. Larry Perlstein

    You and me both Dan!

  2. The Dude Abides

    Reminds me of the Urban Sombrero created by Elaine on Seinfeld. I miss the swim shop even more now.

  3. rare commentator

    great store with hip and trendy clothes at reasonable prices – a very welcome and needed addition to pricey Westport

  4. John McCarthy

    A good store, as chain stores go. But the mallification of downtown westport continues unabated. Mr. Waldman, how about cutting a deal with someone for below market rent for an independent bookstore and cafe…..

  5. Not a Stepford

    And I thought Anthropologies was too hip and trendy for me. Man, am I an old fogie!

  6. Our 8th graders doing their projects on “how to improve downtown Westport” will definitely like it!

  7. Princeton '82

    How long is a bajillion years????

    • The length of time between two intelligent comments from Donald Trump.

      • Dick Lowenstein

        Hey, Dan, if we’re going to veer the thread in THAT direction, I wonder if the residents in his Trump-named condos would like to rename the buildings: For example, in Stamford: “No-Trump Parc” Any other ideas?

        • The Dude Abides

          Or the obvious, the recycle center renamed Trump’s Dump and the slow-me-downs on Old Hill, Hump Trump.

      • Hush McCormick

        At least he doesn’t want to invade Tsuanmi like Sarah. He cheats at golf though.

  8. more commercialized pseudo-counter-cultural garbage.

    but they do make a good pant.

  9. Linda Hudson

    My concern in all of this — where will I but my next Speedo? Is Metro Swimshop relocating?