Whose Fields?

Recreation Commission meetings are usually ho-hum affairs.

Members discuss boat mooring fees, make sure the golf course sprinklers work, then head down to Compo to pick up dog poop.  It’s all good.

Tomorrow night’s meeting should be pretty interesting, though.

A simple-sounding agenda item —

To take such action as the meeting may determine relative to Parks and Recreation Department policy for use of Town athletic fields

— has got many folks worried.

On both sides of the field.

Westport youngsters learn lacrosse through town programs -- and private ones.

Representatives of private organizations — soccer clubs, camps and the like — fear the Rec Commission will clamp down on their field access.  Right now, they rent  space when it’s not used by town sports groups and Staples teams.

Other people think the Rec Commission — driven by the need to increase revenue — will liberalize its policy on outside use, squeezing out Westport kids in favor of outsiders.

Whatever the outcome, it’s bound to be a more exciting night than last week’s UConn-Butler snoozefest.

3 responses to “Whose Fields?

  1. Stacy Prince

    I remember flying kites at Coley El with my kids, and practicing lacrosse throws at the middle school. Now I note “field closed” signs at the middle school, undoubtedly because the town wants the field to get a rest between academic and private-organization use. Tough call, I know, but I hate to think we’re losing one of the best small-town perks: Using school fields for occasional personal recreation.

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