Festival Italiano In Photos

Before Festival Italiano sinks into the same memory hole as the Remarkable Book Shop, here’s a look back.  I took these photos last year.






I took these in 2009:
Play Gumball -- win a prize. Is this a great country or what? 

Festival director Roberta Troy and grand marshal Buck Iannacone exchange glances during the parade. 

A future NRA member tries his hand at a fun gun game. 

More guns!  This parade vehicle proudly flies the American and Italian flags. 

I'm not sure what these are, but they were for sale at the Italian Fest.
Got your own photos — or memories?  Send ’em along, via the “Comments” or “Email me” links.

3 responses to “Festival Italiano In Photos

  1. Wow, heavyset people

  2. Were these pictures supposed to be a positive look back or negative? I’ll keep my thoughts on the festival quiet so I don’t get berated in print (dating myself) or person. Suffice it to say that I welcome the now available parking spots.

  3. Festive italiano is an italian dream