Beaches, Banks, Barons, Budgets

“Forbidden  Westport III:  Beaches, Banks, Barons & Budgets” has a bunch of B’s in the title.

But the Sunrise Rotary’s Broadway-based satirical musical boasts anything but a B-list cast.

Former first selectwoman Diane Farrell -- aka "Brown Bag Mama," for her famous lunches.

Past performers included superintendent of schools Elliott Landon (singing “Big Spender”) and first selectman Diane Farrell (“Brown Bag Mama”).  State representative Ken Bernhard and third selectman John Izzo appeared onstage — in drag.

This year’s event continues the tradition.  From politicians to the Green Village Initiative, from banks-on-every-corner to bitches-on-the-beach (hey, they’re dogs — don’t get offended), anything Westport-based is fair game.

“Forbidden Westport III” is performed one night only:  Saturday, April 30 (7:30 p.m., Bedford Middle School).  It’s a fundraiser for Homes With Hope.

Tickets ($55 each; $20 students) can be purchased from any Sunrise Rotary or Westport Rotary club member, or online (click here).  The only requirement for purchase is a healthy sense of humor — about our town, and ourselves.

One response to “Beaches, Banks, Barons, Budgets

  1. This sounds like fun, but aren’t there any discounts for Senior Citizens? $55 is a lot (x 2) for our budget.