Even A Smart Car Couldn’t Fit Under This

The Hales Road bridge has been open to traffic for over 3 months.

The “Construction Ahead” signs will probably remain up for another 3 decades.

But that’s not what caught the eye of an alert “06880” reader.  He’s more interested in the top sign:

That is indeed a low clearance:  14 inches.

Drive with care.

5 responses to “Even A Smart Car Couldn’t Fit Under This

  1. A Spinal Tap moment!

  2. Funny

  3. Doug Conner

    Good catch!

  4. Paying attention to details

    Once upon a time in the 1960s in northern New Jersey, someone I knew was a sign painter. During an election year, he was very busy making signs for both parties. One of his projects was to prepare a large banner that would be attached to posts on both sides of Main Street. This was an ideal location. The street curved a bit on one side and was a slight upgrade when approached from the opposite direction. Either way, cars had to slow down, something which provided an extra second or two to read the message. An assistant helped with the lettering and in due course the banner was in place. That little sign company was very pleased indeed with how the banner had turned out. Then phone calls began to come in, telling them to look at the banner. Huh? Off they went, to see for themselves. And there it was, in enormous black letters: Vote Repulican.

  5. What a hoot! An alert reader indeed.