A Non-Sleazy Way Around The Times Paywall

A recent “06880” posting about the New York Times’ new fee schedule for online access drew — as expected — plenty of comments.

In Westport — and the nation — a variety of people proposed a variety of ways to scale (or sneak past) the “paywall.”  From using Twitter to cutting-and-pasting URLs to subscribing to the Book Review only, even folks who never read the paper were playing games to game the system.

Just as quickly, the other side countered.  Would you steal a paper from your neighbor’s lawn — or swipe a copy from a newsstand without paying?

If you’re in the middle — you don’t want (or can’t afford) to pay, but you don’t want to feel like a thief –I’ve got 2 words:  Westport Library.

No one’s ever felt guilty about reading the Times in the library, right?

Well, you can also access specific articles and topics directly from the library’s website.  For free.

You don’t even have to leave home to do it.

In fact, you can start right now.  Just click here for the library’s website.  Go to the research page; select “research databases.” Times articles can be found through both the LexisNexis database (under “business, financial and legal”) and the “Newspaper” database.

Stumped?  Click “ask us a question” on the library’s website.

And with the money you save, consider making a donation.  Just click the “support wpl” button on the library’s website.

Also from the comfort of your home.

10 responses to “A Non-Sleazy Way Around The Times Paywall

  1. Estelle Margolis

    Thanks, Dan. The Library we have in this town is our most important treasure. It is the cultural heart of the town. We can never thank Maxine enough for her superb leadership, creativity and very hard work.
    A million thanks, Maxine, we love you!

    Estelle and Manny Margolis

    • In order to gauge the impact the Westport Library has on our town all you have to do is look back to last March and the storm that ripped through town. With electricity out to a good portion of the town, homes getting colder and colder and virtually no one with Internet service at their houses Westporters flocked to the Library. Ever computer station, desk and available floor space was crowded with warm, friendly neighbors getting our e-mails by linking in together at the Library. It was not only a valuable resource, it was the heart of Westport for the entire week. And just think, the Library is an independent, private organization, not run by the town government…..and a great place to remember when you want to make charitable donations.

      • how can you say the library is independent when it is funded by the town? don’t you remember the threat during last year’s budget cycle to shut down on sundays and the total cave-job of the rtm giving in to this empty threat? yes they get a lot of contributions but they get millions from the town. millions.

  2. I only get the NY Times paper delivered on weekends, and the times online is free with that.
    Well worth it, and even though I could probably get the week delivered for the same amount, who needs all that paper sitting around to recycle…
    Btw, what do crossword afficiandos do online?

    • You have to pay an extra fee to access the crosswords online. There’s a special program that allows you to print them out, though some people (I think) actually do them online.

  3. I do crosswords online. With our NYtimes home delivery subscription it is free.

  4. Linda Gramatky Smith

    We get the NYT too so can access it online BUT just check out the Wspt Library website to see all the other fantastic databases you can get, free! I’ve always wanted to be able to get Consumer Reports online (and even if you have a print subscription, one has to pay for it) … and here it is on the library website.

    This is SO cool! Thanks, Maxine, for heading up the best library.

  5. EstherLorenz

    I’ve never been to Westport Library but sure am impressed by these reviews! Sounds like Maxine is the best librarian ever! Kudos to Maxine!

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