Pies Fly Off Shelves

At 7 a.m. yesterday, Michele’s Pies opened for business.

At 7:01, satisfied customers were already walking out the door.

Westport’s newest – and yummiest – store sits smack in the middle of town.  The old Baskin-Robbins store is prime real estate.

It’s bright.  It’s airy.  It sells treats.

What’s not to like love?

Michele Albano pauses -- briefly -- during her busy first day.

Michele Albano’s “soft opening” yesterday was anything but.  She was busy all day.  A steady stream of customers – moms, high school kids, nearby workers – wandered in; snatched up fruit pies (like apple raspberry crumb, mango pineapple with macadamia coconut cream), nut pies (chocolate pecan bourbon, maple oatmeal rasin) and/or cream pies (strawberry glace, ultimate banana split).

They also snagged a chicken pot pie or broccoli cheddar quiche, maybe a muffin, cookie or brownie and/or a coffee, tea or fruit juice.  And they left smiling.

They hadn’t even tried their pies yet.

This one — Michele’s 2nd store — is not tucked away like her Norwalk location.  Unlike that one, this has pie slices (and à la mode!).

She’ll also sell more bread than Norwalk, including cinnamon and her award-winning challah.

A grand opening is set for mid-April.  That’s right after she returns from the National Pie Championships – oh, to be a judge! – in Florida.

It will be hard to leave her new store, even for a shot at a US title.  Right now, after all, Westporters are showing her plenty of love.

“It fills the void left by Baskin-Robbins,” more than one new customer has said.

Actually, it does more than that.  I’ll take a pear cranberry with walnut crumb pie over bubblegum ice cream any day.

8 responses to “Pies Fly Off Shelves

  1. ” I’ll take a pear cranberry with walnut crumb pie over bubblegum ice cream any day.”


  2. The End Is Near when Pies Fly !

  3. Luigi Nimkoff

    So overpriced

    • I was thinking the same thing so I tryed to make a pie out of fresh fruit and it costed more than you can get them at michele’s and the time to make it and it wasn’t as good

    • I agree, over priced and flavorless.

  4. you get what you pay for. the best

  5. Cost vs. quality?

    A quick comparison of ingredient labels will explain the difference between a commercially processed pie, and Michele’s or others hand crafted baked goods. Michele also supports local farmers and Farmer’s Markets in our area.