DJ Sixsmith Hangs With Bob Ley

“06880” is a big fan of DJ Sixsmith.  The Staples senior is a mega-talented radio and TV sportscaster.  He’s got a good shot at becoming the next Bob Ley.

The real Bob Ley knows it too.  The other day the ESPN star wandered down from Bristol, and over to the Staples Media Lab.  He and DJ chatted about their careers.  (Bob’s is longer — he joined ESPN on its 3rd day of existence in 1979, more than a dozen years before DJ was born.)

They also talked about the March 22 fundraiser Bob is hosting at Fairfield University.

Bob Ley (left) and DJ Sixsmith.

The event — which also includes Bob’s colleagues Josh Elliott, Chris McKendry and Justin Kutcher — offers an outside-the-lines, behind-the-scenes look at ESPN, like how the shows get on the air, and all the fun stuff left in the newsroom that viewers never see.

It’s a benefit for FSW, the 161-year-old Bridgeport-based social services agency (formerly Family Services Woodfield).  Bob is a board member, and DJ helped promote the event (including a silent auction) on the air.

On Tuesday, Bob Ley will tell tales about his work — everything from announcing World Cup soccer and NCAA Final Fours, to covering an earthquake during the 1989 World Series and assessing the impact of the 9/11 terror attack on sports.

DJ Sixsmith does not have that resume — yet.  He’s called some pretty exciting basketball and football games, but the Staples Wreckers are not the Green Bay Packers.

Then again, when Bob Ley was 17, Howard Cosell didn’t wander into his high school station to say hi.

(Tickets for “Outside the Lines & Behind the Scenes at ESPN” are $20 general admission; $50 for a meet-and-greet and auction.  Click here to order, or for more information.)

3 responses to “DJ Sixsmith Hangs With Bob Ley

  1. The Dude Abides

    To the contrary, great Professor, Howard Cosell, despite his gruff exterior got his start doing Little League baseball games for free while he practiced law in Manhattan. Following his success, he would often return to the small diamonds in Long Island and talk with youngsters and broadcasters.

  2. Sorry, I don’t know anything about ESPN or announcers’ names but I sure do know the name of “DJ”! We’ll all be able to say we knew him when as 06880 reports on his successful career progress and his future generosity and kindnesses through college and out into the world. DJ is another example of a high school kid who started with one focus, playing sport, and, when that didn’t pan out, Staples had another outlet for him to turn to and still be involved with sports, the TV/radio station. It opened up a whole new world to DJ and he has gone on and increased and improved it for those who will follow. Hooray for keeping the budget for this “unnecessary icing” on the Staples High School cake. It made the difference to DJ!

  3. Estelle Margolis

    It occurs to me that the overwhelming amount of talented kids at Staples could run our world ….. starting today!

    Estelle T. Margolis