This Is Not A Broadway Trailer. It’s Better.

Still on the fence about seeing “Brighton Beach Memoirs,” Staples Players’ current Black Box Theater production?

This trailer will push you over that fence, and send you hustling for tickets.

The video gives a great flavor for the show — but it does not include Matt Van Gessel (double-cast as Stanley).  That’s because the talented senior actor also shot and produced the trailer.

Kids these days…

(“Brighton Beach Memoirs” will be performed tomorrow [Sunday, March 6] at 2 p.m., and this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday [March 10, 11 and 12] at 7: p.m.  Click here to order tickets.)

14 responses to “This Is Not A Broadway Trailer. It’s Better.

  1. fantastic show come see!

  2. Happy Second Blog Birthday, Dan. But write on with care,
    ‘lest you become an institution… — Karl Decker

  3. Jim Honeycutt

    Charlie is right. It is a great show with some of Players’ finest “heavy hitters” on stage including Charlie Greenwald himself. It is a worthy Neil Simon play, too. And the set is spectacular! What a wonderful evening. And just down “down the block.”

    I grew up in a blue-color neighborhood in Queens, New York, and my mother would send me to “Hersheins” on the corner for cigarettes and comestibles. It brought back lots of memories.

    Too late Karl Decker.

    And yes Dan, I subscribe to a few podcasts. You should have a PayPal tip jar on your website. You do a great service to the Town. This website builds community in Westport and makes the Town even a more special place. Congrats!

  4. Happy anniversary!
    I’ll contribute and I LOVE the BBM trailer!
    Wish I could go!

  5. Katie Chase

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. You do manage to get the pulse of the town from all angles. Keep up the good work. And I will send a contribution in the mail.


  6. Holly Wheeler

    THIS IS A WONDERFUL EVENING !!!! The acting, the sets … and, of course, Neil Simon. Do yourselves a favor. DON’T MISS IT.

  7. Aurea de Souza

    Wonderful performance, bring a box of tissues cause you’ll laugh (until you cry) and cry. Standing ovation on every show, great feel-good play.

    More info and photos on the website,

  8. Hush McCormick

    I love the Staples Players but I would like to see them perform something written in the 21st century.

    • Well, they performed “Curtains” last fall, and that debuted in 2007.

      They also did “Rent” last summer, and though that was first produced in 1996, it ran for many years. It only became available for amateur use 6 months before Staples did it.

  9. Players tries to do shows from a variety of time periods. Our productions of “The Laramie Project” and last year’s “Book of Days” are also examples of shows that were written in the 21st century. Thanks for your feedback!

  10. Hush McCormick

    I wasn’t trying to be a wise-rat’s rectum but have always been curious about the fact that older plays seem to be performed. Thanks for the correction. But is there a shortage of playwrights these days? Even on Broadway, they seem to be many revivals.

  11. Holly Wheeler

    Please don’t forget that in the 1980s and 1990s hundreds of talented playwrights, composers, actors, choreographers, and others in the arts died of AIDS. That in itself brought newness in the arts to a standstill for many, many years. (Most new openings on Broadway were revivals during that period.)

  12. Hush McCormick

    Thanks. Interesting and Reagan (somehow immortalized now) looked the other way. Sad. Must have lost a generation to the arts.

  13. You’re right, Holly, about the Lost Generation of theater folks. This is a consequence of the AIDS plague not often commented on by those outside the theater community. My wife had been an off-Bway costume designer and attended many funerals for old friends and former NY colleagues back then. To Hush: John Weidman, a Westporter born and raised, is a noted Bway book writer and frequent Sondheim collaboarator. Although John did not attend Staples a Players performance of, say, “Contact”, would be fun. To the Dude: Playing shortstop for the Jaguars, Johnny Weidman got two hits off your bro in the 1958 Little League championship game.