Time To Play “6-Word Westport”

Smith Magazine features “6-word memoirs.”

Readers submit 6 words on subjects.


  • The chicken contributes, pig gives all.
  • I keep going back for seconds.
  • Bad chocolate’s better than good sex.


  • Just like Hurt Locker, except real.
  • He should be coming home soon.
  • History repeats itself.  History repeats itself.


  • Met in leftist group; felt right.
  • Note to self:  No more surfers.
  • Met, loved, married 46 years.  Alzheimer’s.

Now’s the time: “6-Word Westport.”

I’ll start off this little game:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, McDonald’s.  Remarkable?  No.
  • Weird, wacky town.  I love it.
  • Beach.  Beauty.  Creativity.  Arts.  Energy.  Entitlement.
  • Big bucks.  Big houses.  Big deal.
  • Worth the sacrifice?  Worth the sacrifice!

6 words on Westport — click “Comments.”

Mill Pond scene to inspire you. (Credit: Jeff Giannone)

46 responses to “Time To Play “6-Word Westport”

  1. Tax and tax. Spend and spend.
    Don’t ask. We will not tell.
    We are number one. We think.

  2. The Dude Abides

    Womb. Westport. War. Wife. Work. Why?

  3. The Dude Abides

    Westport by the Dude:

    Pretty, Pretentious,Proud, Piggish, Piscatorial, Progressive.

    The End.

  4. Saugatuck, Bedford, Staples. Look out world.

  5. Love it when they hate it.

  6. onthemoonsincethe50s

    And then one fine morning–Viagra.

  7. God Please Bring Spring Very Soon

  8. Welcome to Westport. Now please leave!

  9. Self-importance? Check. Self-loathing? Check. Welcome Home!

  10. Please Have Charlie Sheen Buy Here!

  11. Larry Perlstein

    Where is Westport? Center of Universe!

  12. The Upper West Side of Connecticut.

  13. katherine hooper

    i asked a few almost 14 year old girls (who just woke up by the way) and the 6 words they chose were:
    boring, small, wealthy, pretty, ordinary, home

    now the 6 words i would use to describe the reason i moved to this suburb are:
    progressive, creative, motivated, politically minded, Compo

    i guess the kids don’t feel the same (yet!)

  14. Wendy Crowther

    Main Street: A mall with some sky.

  15. Bring The Troops HOME By Christmas

  16. Gary Singer

    Was Wonderfully Wooded. McMansions Mostly Monstrosities.

  17. Gary Singer

    Was Wooded Wonderland. McMansions Mostly Monstrocities.

  18. Luigi Nimkoff

    Bring back Mom and Pop stores!

  19. Thank goodness we turned down NJ

  20. Nick L. Baggs

    Stuck at one word, Ric Jansen?

  21. Fred Cantor

    West port, two words, on Apple

  22. 06880: where westport meets the world

  23. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Winter,Spring,Summer,Fall adventure abounds

  24. Great Parents, Great Schools: Great Kids. (‘Nuff said.)

  25. ex-westporter

    There is no place like home…

  26. Staples! Staples!Staples! Staples!Staples! Staples!

  27. Once a Westporter, always a Westporter.

  28. mary ruggiero

    I love it! Tear it down.

  29. Westport was better then. Carping diem.

  30. Mrs. Shorts

    Peter’s. Remarkable. Bridge Bar and Grill.
    Big Top. Wakeman’s Farm. Selective Eye.
    Carmine’s. Ice Cream Parlor. Players Tavern.
    All are gone. I miss them.

  31. Audrey Wauchope

    Moved away to afford home again.

  32. westporter95

    Staples is good, but highly overrated!

  33. Agreed completely.

  34. My home town, now my kids’!

  35. Community is what you make it.

  36. Ellen Ashton

    65 years old, still miss Westport