The Oestreichers Have A Story

Every Thursday, the “Today Show” has a segment called “Everyone Has a Story.” 

Hoda and Kathie Lee

Anyone can submit an inspirational, intriguing and/or sad tale.  One is chosen.  Kathie Lee Gifford and her song-writing partner write about it; a Broadway star or similar person performs it, and the folks who wrote the letter watch in the studio. 

(This all was explained to me a few minutes ago.  The things you learn as a blogger…)

This morning, right after their Oscars report, Kathie Lee and Hoda (if you have to ask…) previewed this Thursday’s “Everyone Has a Story” story.  It involves Amy and Marilyn Oestreicher, of — as Kathie Lee noted — Westport.

A while back, Amy was in the Staples Summer Theater production of “Cats.”  Marilyn is her mother.  Amy’s father is a dermatologist in town.

Kathie Lee and Hoda did not say what kind of story the Oestreichers will share.  However, Kathie Lee revealed that she is looking forward to it.

And, I imagine, so is Hoda, Kathie Lee’s song-writing partner, Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry, Al Roker, everyone else on the “Today Show” whose names I just had to Google, Dr. Oestreicher’s patients, Amy and Marilyn’s friends, and everyone else in Westport.

5 responses to “The Oestreichers Have A Story

  1. Jill Ross Beres

    Dan, Please let us/me know what the story is because I do not watch any of the programs that you mentioned.
    I am enjoying 06880

  2. Adam Stolpen

    Marc Oestreicher, aside from being a wonderful physician, could win the prize as nicest man in Westport. The guy’s personality brings sunshine in the middle of a hurricane.

    I got a fairly good idea of the story that he and has family has to tell and it is both heartbreaking and capital “I” inspirational. I’m not going to steal someone’s punchline by revealing what it is, but can tell you that I’m changing my plans for Thursday to watch a program I’d never find a reason to view otherwise.

    Look up inspirational in the dictionary and you’ll find next to it a picture of the entire Oestricher family. Just another reason to be proud of your neighbors in our special corner of CT.

    • I am told that the show has been pushed back to a week from this coming Thursday — March 10. Hope that helps your planning!

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