An Oscars Shout-Out To Nick Ordway

It wasn’t Best Picture, Best Director, or even Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

It was “only” Best Short Film, Live Action (“The God of Love,” a romance about a lounge-singing darts champion — why not?).

But the blogosphere was alive this morning, burbling that writer/director/star Luke Matheny gave the best acceptance speech all night.

He joked that he should have gotten a haircut (his hair is huge).  He made a pitch for his special film niche, and hailed “the great state of Delaware.”

And he thanked — by name — his 1st assistant director, Nick Ordway.

Nick Ordway

Nick — a 1998 Staples alum who was very active in Staples Players — is a 2009 NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduate.

Befitting someone involved in an Oscar-winning short film, he’s had a storied career.  Nick studied literature and theatre at Princeton University, then taught English at Chiang Mai University in Thailand.

His films have played at Lincoln Center and on the web.  In addition to directing, Nick freelances as a sound recordist, and teaches film at the School of Cinema and Performing Arts.

We knew  there’d be at least one Westport-themed story from last night’s Oscars.

Any others we missed?

3 responses to “An Oscars Shout-Out To Nick Ordway

  1. Nick also tutored may kids in this town. Such a nice person!!!!!!

  2. Neil Katz: producer of The Kids Are All Right