Saving Spaces

Alert “06880” reader Mary Ann West was surprised to see this chair plunked down smack in the middle of a prime parking spot at Old Mill Beach:

This wasn’t the only non-car parked there.  Chairs and other stuff were strewn nearby.

Apparently, the new rule at the (public) Compo Cove lot is:  If you dig out your parking spot, you keep it.

No word on what will happen when the snow melts.

Or summer comes.

27 responses to “Saving Spaces

  1. The Dude Abides

    Perhaps you should remove the chair and place it in front of the exit doors at the middle school band recitals? Two birds with one chair. Seems rather Rude to the Dude.

  2. Someone should move the chair. That’s just ridiculous. How selfish can Westporters get?

    • I am not surprised.

      Typical RUDE behavior by Westporters.

      It’s always…..”Me…Me….Me….”

  3. FREE – curbside pickup. Old wooden chair. Currently owned by a snobbish 06880er. Hardly used. Suitable for outdoors. Hurry! Won’t last long.

  4. “Nature is by and large to be found out of doors, a location where, it can not be argued, thre are never enough comfortable chairs.”
    Fran Lebowitz

  5. Thanks Dan,

    This was one of many spots “reserved”, saved or worse, cars left snowed in for the season. I guess the owners feel entitled!

  6. Throne.

  7. katherine hooper

    that’s common practice in brooklyn and queens. people put out anything they can find to save their parking spots and supposedly they have never been moved or stolen. if you spent hours digging out your car this season, you wouldn’t want your spot taken by a lazy neighbor either!

  8. The Dude Abides

    I don’t think anyone is going to steal this chair either. I can see it smashed on the rocks though. Hoop, this ain’t the city. Come on, now. Feeble rationale.

  9. As the owner of that red chair — there is more to the story. There is limited parking at Old Mill and people from elsewhere in Westport leave their cars in the Old Mill lot for weeks on end. There should be plenty of parking in the winter as half the folks in Compo Cove are summer residents, but there are times when I come home from a late meeting and there is absolutely no place to park. What would you do?

    • Why do people from elsewhere leave their cars there for weeks on end? There must be a reason, but I can’t figure out why. If that’s the issue, it ought to be solvable. Thanks for the info, Wally.

    • It’s still rude to “save” a Public Parking space for yourself.

      Report the other cars as abandoned to the Police and have them towed.

  10. Ann Marie Flynn

    Wally makes good sense with his comment.
    I was taken by surprize when I first saw the chairs, etc. there. I had originally thoought the Cove residents were into sun-bathing big time.

  11. The Dude Abides

    Thanks to Wally for his honesty. I don’t think it rude but quite the opposite, shows how gracious Westporters can be by not removing the chair. In Texas, that would be kindling for someone’s fire real quick. The Professor is right. Need to fix the problem before Raymour and Flannigan is delivering to the parking lot.

  12. I can empathize! I used to live behind the Wild Pear/Chef’s Table/Video Connection (depending on how far back my 06880’er go) and my own PERSONAL parking spaces were right in front of my apartment. So, women would park there to drop off their kids at the YMCA and block me in, so I couldn’t leave! They didn’t understand my frustration with not being able to leave my home. They couldn’t fathom parking a bit further away and walking. Nor could they fathom the simple poing that this was not public parking. One day, I went to leave and there was a car parked there in the morning. Thank goodness it was a Saturday and I didn’t have to go to work. FIVE HOURS went by and the car was still there. When I heard someone open the door, I flew down the stairs on my broom ready to go at her, and it was a very elderly woman, so I felt bad, but was still irritated. I asked her why she parked there and she said, “I normally park further back to go to the Christian Science Reading Room, but I’m always blocked in and I didn’t want to get blocked in again”. Aaaaahhh, logic .. she didn’t want to get blocked in, so she blocked me in! I couldn’t get angry … I didn’t want to hurt an elderly woman’s feelings, but I did explain to her that by not getting blocked in, she blocked me in, etc. I won’t even start about the Christmas season, when people tried to park there, or the “I was only going to be a few minutes” people, to which I replied, “May I have your address? I just want to come by later and park my car in the driveway for just a few mintues and block you in at your home”. Sometimes I would block them in and that would, childishly enough, give me a bit of poetic justice.

    This was my own private parking spot on my own private property! I can’t even imagine what must go on at Old Mill Beach with shared public parking! Maybe the homeowners could all get together and hire someone to watch the parking lot off season? You could also call a meeting for all owners, or leave a note in everyone’s mailbox asking them to write down the car, make, model, license plate, etc., so you can see who’s cars actually belong there. It’ll make the tagging and towing process much easier.

    Hey Dude … You’ve been cracking me up! 😀 I’m truly enjoying your wit!

  13. The Dude Abides

    And me, your long sincere heartfelt comments. Sort of counters my constant cynicism. Gives me a pickup. Like V-8 juice in the a.m.
    How’s the baby? Kicking to get out? Your first? Nervous? Healthy and Happy!!

  14. I do tend to get a bit long winded, when typing. It’s the aspiring writer in me. My editors had quite a time working with me!! The baby is great. She was sideways (like her mama-a bit askew), but she’s turned and is ready to go! I’m in my ninth month, so it’s just a waiting game. It is my first, and I’m really excited. Not really nervous about the birth, just about keeping her safe and being a good mom. It is a true blessing.

    • The Dude Abides

      A March baby. Wonderful. Not to worry, piece of cake but
      if you go past 13 hours in labor, have them yank that little bundle.
      I have two. No bible on parenting, plenty of love with no expectations
      (hard to do the latter around here). Do a tad of writing myself. Never
      met an editor I liked. Cherish these moments. The Professor might even like an article on new Judi-ette?

  15. Why would the police tow cars parked in legal public parking spots with no time limit? What if I live at Old Mill Beach, don’t have a driveway and have not used my car in a few weeks? Is it abandoned? I would still like to use my car some day.

  16. Catherine Sidell

    All public parking spots at Old Mill Beach are created equal – except for some spots that are created more equal… you animals!

  17. The Dude Abides

    I hear a house just went for 6 million out on the beach there. And you gotta walk to your home? You tell them Catherine. Woof!

  18. A chair during some snowy days at a beach? Big deal…. How about the U-Haul that Pottery Barn uses for its private warehouse 24/7 in the Parker-Harding lot. Now that is selfish & rude.

  19. So this guy thinks it’s OK to save a public parking space until he gets home? Typical spoiled Westporter. It would take me less than 10 seconds to get out of my car, move the chair, and park in “his” space.

  20. The Dude Abides

    I gotta tell you all that I am getting sick of hearing how rude Westporters are. First, exiting the kids band concert and now reserving a parking spot or storage facilities. The comments are endless on how rude we are here in Westport. I don’t find that at all and I can be very rude. The greater majority are kind, friendly and downright compassionate. Please stop the whining. It just ain’t true.

  21. The Dude Abides

    Another buzz word. What does entitlement actually mean?? I grew up here and see Westport as a very fine middle class suburb with good folks. I don’t see the blue bloods or “fast lane” folks at all. The majority of the people I know are middle management, hard working and concerned about a decent community in which to live and raise their kids. I am not being over-argumentative or rude here. I am interested in where this perception of Westport comes from? I am a cynic by nature and profession. But, I don’t see it all.