A Matter Of Inches

I’m wondering:  How can weather people say “Westport got 16.4 inches of snow, while Norwalk had only 15.2”?

First of all, “Westport” and “Norwalk” are big places.

Second of all, it’s not like snow respects town boundaries.

And third of all, there can be a difference of half a foot or so — on the same lawn.

Can’t we just say, “We got a !@#$%^&* lot of snow!”?

7 responses to “A Matter Of Inches

  1. We got 18″ in Weston.

  2. 19.2″ at Patterson Club in Fairfield.

  3. 20 inches at Aspetuck CC in Easton

  4. William Saterfield

    We got 21 inches in southern Ridgefield.

  5. .75 meters in Wilton at Rolling Hills

  6. Great blog Dan. Made me laugh. Also made me remember a few years ago when there was a red tide up at the Cape and they put a map in the newspaper and Wellfleet seemed to be the dividing line in the Bay of good water and bad. Really? Water just stops moving at a town line? Needless to say, I chose not to eat any local shellfish for several months.