Westport Girls AreThisClose To Justin Bieber

Back in the day, if you entered a contest to win tickets to see your favorite singer — Frank Sinatra, say, or Paul Anka or Bobby Sherman — you sent in a dozen postcards, crossed your fingers, and hoped for the best.

Of course, you never won.

Win this boy for some Westport girls.

Today Michael Jackson and Rick Springfield have been replaced by Justin Bieber.  And if you want to win a nationwide contest to see Usher (and the world’s) favorite 16-year-old Canadian — or at least his new movie — you have to make a video that everyone and her sister votes on.

Alexa Davis, Kendall Rochlin, Emma Boland, Colby Kranz and Olivia Lev have done just that.

The 8th graders want to win tickets to the premiere of “Never Say Never,” which apparently will be to 2011 what “A Hard Day’s Night” was to 1964.  According to Alexa’s mother Lee, the girls are in 1st place, neck and neck with a bunch of Floridians.

What’s as impressive as their chance to actually win, Lee says, is the video the 13-year-olds created.  With quick cuts, fast forwards and a clever cardboard cutout of Justin himself, it’s as professional as any music video I’ve seen.  (Not that I watch a lot of them.)  (Or listen to pop music).

The Westport girls' Justin Bieber video (and their Justin Bieber cutout).

When Lee asked Alexa — who goes to Coleytown Middle School — where she learned to edit video, her daughter said, “We just figured it out.  And, oh yeah, we also learned to do this in school.”


If they win the contest, the girls promise to give some of their tickets to the Boys and Girls Club.  The most clicks win — so click here, play the video, then pass the link on.

What else are you going to do on a snowy day?  Listen to Justin Bieber tunes?

5 responses to “Westport Girls AreThisClose To Justin Bieber

  1. So the Jonas Bros. are out?
    Good luck girls, my kids liked it and I have to say it was better than anything that was on MTV during the ’80s.
    I’m not as old as Dan to remember Bobby Sherman, but I remember another song called ‘Never Say Never’ from my era by Romeo Void.
    And no that’s not Rosie O’Donnell singing.

  2. Hi Dan:

    Since you were kind enough to plug the girls, I just wanted to let you know that 2 hours ago they found out they won the contest! The best part about the win is that kids all over town were clicking away for them — many who didn’t even know the girls!

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