“How Dare You Close My Road?!”

If you or I come upon the scene above– a cruiser blocking the entire road,  its lights ablaze, in the aftermath of a big blizzard — we’d say, “Hmmmm.  Looks like this road’s closed!  Guess we should turn around and go another way!”

Of course, you or I are not some Very Important Westporters.

Their reaction to such a scene is more like:

  • Stop the car.  Get out of the car.  Slam the door.  Stride up to the police car.  Say very loudly, “I demand to know why this road is closed!”
  • Drive very closely to the police car.  Roll down the window.  Lean out and say with confidence, “It’s okay!  I live on this road!”
  • Stop the car.  Stand by the car.  Yell, “Do you know who I am?”

Yeah.  It’s pretty clear.

You’re a guy who — if the cop wasn’t there — would disregard the yellow tape all across the road, plus the several sawhorses, and drive right through.

Very, very fast.

Over live wires.

10 responses to ““How Dare You Close My Road?!”

  1. The Dude Abides

    Actually the same thing happened to me yesterday on Long Lots road. I was approaching from the east and saw many cars manuver around a fallen yellow-tape-ridden-saw-horse barracade that had been moved from the street. Then an unmarked police cruiser came along and the officer jumped out of his vehicle, pulled his revolver and pointed it right at me. He yelled: “Stop in the name of the law.” I rolled down my window slowly and retorted, loudly: “Do you know who I am?” He dropped his weapon and said: “Dude?” I shook my head vicariously from left to right, still a tad dizzy from my morning tote and somewhat dazed from his command of a Motown song. He must have assumed I said “no” and pointed to a fallen tree on power lines to my right. He was a big youngster of a policeman so I figured it was not worth taking him down or offering him some cash so I turned around and proceeded to Bayberry on my trip home. The moral of the story: To a womb in horseradish, the world is horseradish.

  2. Humor from The Dude! A holiday miracle.

    Seen TRON?

    • I agree Laz…it must be love!

      • The Dude Abides

        What happened to you John? Are you on Xanax??? Where did the fire eating Tea Party advocate go?????

        • Hey Dude,
          I know you mentioned in a previous post you were expecting me to gloat after the elections and instead you just didn’t hear from me.
          Well, gloating isn’t my style (although I may say, “I told you so”), and no I’m not on Xanax or anything else for that matter.
          I’ve just been busy with business, kids and life – all good things.
          I still like to check in and see the world of Westport through Dan’s view; I just haven’t had much time to comment. Since you’ve seemed to have mellowed or maybe express views more closely aligned to mine I haven’t felt it necessary.
          Although it seems I missed the Jeffxs outing. I always appreciated and agreed with his opinions, and wondered who he was since I once lived down by the beach too.
          And lastly, I guess congratulation is in order since you will be getting married soon. So a sincere congratulations to you and the Dudette – all the best to both of you!
          And by no means mistake my kindness for weakness 😉

          • And it came to pass that in 2011 the Dude, Jeffxs and John Raho sat down together, broke bread, passed the pipe around and sang “Kumbaya.” Who knew?

          • The Dude Abides

            John: Actually it is the Lady Dudess and it may not be soon but an eventuality. Thank you. You were right about the elections and I am not too proud to admit that you may have been right. Jeffxs is lurking about here and there. You have to watch the entries closely.
            Best for 2011. Glad to hear that life is good.

  3. The Dude Abides

    I am actually a pretty fun guy. Blood sugar issues. Seen TRON
    as in electron?

  4. Dan, great piece.
    Dude, welcome to the world of laid back, easy going laughs.
    John, is it true that Our President has invited you and Dude/Jeffxs to the second Beer Summit?

    And to all a Healthy and Happy 2011.