Winslow Is For Wimps

Anyone can sled on gently rolling hills.

If you’re a real Westporter, you’ll ride this:

13 responses to “Winslow Is For Wimps

  1. Real Westporters go to the Greens Farms School, where you have a long ride at the bottom of the hill. Unless this hill is at a crosswalk or traffic light, I would not recommend belly-flopping on to the Post Road.

  2. with NO helmet!

  3. The Dude Abides

    That is an interesting comment for I am not sure where we used to sled here growing up. We had a putsy mole of a hill on Hitchcock Road that we used but never traveled to find sled adventure. I would be interested in other spots???????????????????????????????

  4. Clapboard Hill toward Nyala was THE preferred in Greens Farms — you just needed buddies checking for the occasional car along Greens Farms Road

  5. Wendy Crowther

    When the Main St./Post Rd. crosswalk was eliminated from the YMCA side of the Post Rd. intersection (also eliminating the big triangle created by that crosswalk and the “turn right only lane”), I also figured that the snow could no longer get conveniently plowed into that triangle. Looks like I was wrong. Though the former crosswalk was declared too unsafe for pedestrians, apparently it IS safe for snow mounds (and the cars that have to negotiate around it).

    Regarding sledding hills…er…I mean sliding hills (no one uses sleds anymore): I live within site of Winslow Park’s best slider. It didn’t take long for the first brave souls to show up there for some downhill fun as the blizzard-strength snows ended, but the gale force winds howled on. A few hours later, the hill was crawling with colorful parkas. The kids and parents bundled within them were shrieking with joy despite the single digit wind chill temperatures. I love the fact that frozen water and the rules of gravity can still create some old fashioned fun, far from the electronic gadgets left at home for a few hours.

  6. Birchwood Country Club !!

  7. my friends and i used to sled on the Big Hill on the old Pabst property on Bayberry Lane — it was fairly death defying.

  8. The Dude Abides

    What about Staples soccer hill?? Is that off limits?

    • Not only is it not off limits — it’s encouraged! However, the hill is not as steep or as long as it once was, now that the new school has been built.

      Back in the day, while growing up on High Point Road, my friends and I sledded on the hill leading down to the football field. That’s impossible, now that there’s a fence around it. But one glorious ice-storm day, we went from the top all the way down to the woods on the far side. I still remember it — hard to believe, but it must have been quite a time.

  9. The Dude Abides

    Fences wreck everything (Thoreau). They used to have some serious jumps behind Bedford Middle leading down to the pond below. You could really fly down that thing. Another fence. Coyote country now.

  10. Well, the ‘hill’ on the corner of Main and Post Rd East is gone. Trucks worked all night to remove it.