Our 15 Minutes Of Fame

Some people click on the Huffington Post for politics.

Others go there for business, media, entertainment, lifestyle or environmental news.

Everyone who visited tonight, though — and that’s hundreds of thousands of folks — saw this photo:

That’s right:  There’s little ol’ Westport, being plowed out on Soundview Drive.

It doesn’t look like the plow is working too hard.  This is certainly not a “Snowpocalypse.”

But the photo is great.  The water, snow and handsome homes make for a great shot.

We were definitely ready for our close-up.

3 responses to “Our 15 Minutes Of Fame

  1. A very powerful machine. In principle, it is very useful option during bad weather.

  2. While y’all were struggling with a blizzard, here in Atlanta we enjoyed the first Christmas snow fall (perhaps 3″) in 100 years.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Where is global warming when we need it???