Hale Yeah!

Alert “06880” reader Scott Smith joins many Westporters in hailing the reopening of the Hales Road bridge, after 2 years of construction.  Scott writes:

The Hales Road Bridge is now open for business!  My son Cole Prowitt-Smith and I took our new puppy for his 1st walk around the neighborhood this morning.  He and Cole navigated the new bridge just fine; it’s our go-to shortcut from Valley Road to the beach.

I would say that although Westport’s streets have a surfeit of signs, one that will be needed on at least the railroad part of the span is the classic “Bridge freezes before roadway,” as the surface was slick with a thin coating of ice.

In addition, the new Hales Court neighborhood is coming along just fine, it seems.  I’m sure the residents there are thrilled that the construction is finally complete, as are the joggers and walkers and bicyclists who use this obscure little roadway as Cole and I do.

A sight not seen in 2 years.

4 responses to “Hale Yeah!

  1. It has always fascinated me why drivers cut throught Hales Road to get to the beach. Maybe they want to avoid the four way stop at Hillspoint?

  2. Very clever headline to the story.

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