Staples Celebrates 70 Years Of Candlelight

The 70th annual Candlelight Concert debuted at Staples last night.  The “gift to the town” continues this afternoon (2 p.m.) and evening (8 p.m.).  Tickets are all gone — though some seats may be available close to showtime, at the door.

Here are some scenes from last night’s performance:

Staples grad Justin Miller made his debut as choral director. He received a warm welcome -- and his singers were in fine form. (Photo by Lynn U. Miller)

Michael Findley belts out "I'll Be Home For Christmas" during the production number. (Photo by Lynn U. Miller)

The production number -- "Merry Christmas and Goodnight" -- was a clever and fitting climax to the Candlelight Concert. (Photo by Lynn U. Miller)

3 responses to “Staples Celebrates 70 Years Of Candlelight

  1. 1940. Remarkable.

  2. Candelight attendee

    I’m pretty sure that the chorus was not the only group to perform. Weren’t there band and orchestra students as well? Did not see any coverage here or on Westport Now.

  3. I used photos that were given to me — there were none of those other groups. I think it’s much more difficult to take photos of the band and orchestra onstage, without disrupting their performance and annoying the audience (and using a flash). Needless to say, they were outstanding — and greatly appreciated.