Lynsey Addario’s Afghan Women

Lynsey Addario

Proud Westporters know Lynsey Addario as a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times photographer.  Her haunting images from the world’s hot spots bring disaster, disease and deprivation into our comfortable homes.

Now she’s featured in National Geographic.

Elizabeth Rubin’s story in the December issue — “Veiled Rebellion” — is lavishly illustrated by the Staples grad.

The subhead reads:  “Afghan women suffer under the constraints of tribalism, poverty, and war.  Now they are starting to fight for a just life.”

Lynsey’s photos are intimate looks into seldom-seen sights:  two women on the side of a mountain, unaccompanied by a man.

Two women on an Afghan mountain. (Photo by Lynsey Addario for National Geographic)

A strong woman driving a car — her face, hair and arms in full view.

A young woman who set herself on fire, for reasons no one knows.

Last year, Lynsey won a $500,000 MacArthur “genius grant.”

Now National Geographic readers around the world know why.

(Lynsey’s next project:  a story from Iraq, also for National Geographic.)

34 responses to “Lynsey Addario’s Afghan Women

  1. The Dude Abides

    Maybe her “genius” can figure a way out of war in that godforesaken
    country. Or donate the $500,000 to military families here that had to go to food banks to eat at Thanksgiving. Sorry but those who benefit from war where “life is cheap” have my wrath. Bring the troops home for Christmas! Now that picture would be priceless.

  2. Your wrath is truly misguided. You are shooting the messenger. And as for “Benefit (ing) from war” I would think you might first look toward those American corporations and companies such as Halliburton and the formerly named Blackwater and the lying liars, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield et al, who sent our troops and treasury to Iraq and Afghanistan before castigating, insulting and slandering an incredibly brave, selfless, young photojournalist.

    Perhaps this very recent Times video will give you some small understanding of who and what Lynsey Addario actually is all about.

    It’s a pity you don’t know more of what The MacArthur Prize represents and its purpose. Google Lynsey Addario + MacArthur Prize. You might be surprised.

    Just for the record, I have never to my my knowledge met this woman although I think I might have known her mother a bit a number of years ago (as a friend of friends). I do know from reading about her in The Times several weeks ago that she is an incredible and brave journalist.

  3. The Dude Abides

    I concur with your inclusion of Corporate America and politicians in the damnation of this war(s) but there are plenty of subjects in this country that are suffering that surely could be the focus of Ms. Addario’s photos. Even in Westport where there is a middle-aged women who sleeps often times in dumpsters. The award system of the MacArthur prizes are misguided, like many others. Money should be going to the 97,000 homeless in Los Angeles every night or as noted above, the military families that are below the poverty line. I am sure they could use 1/2 million dollars. I am not sure Ms. Addario is a messenger but certainly an opportunist.

  4. “Out of the Blue — $500,000 — No Strings
    September 28, 2010
    The MacArthur Foundation named 23 new MacArthur Fellows for 2010. This past week, the recipients learned in a single phone call from the Foundation that they will each receive $500,000 in “no strings attached” support over the next five years. ”
    That’s the way MacArthur fellows get their well-deserved awards. No applications, just unlooked for, unasked recognition.

    The MacArthur Foundation also distributes much largess to remedy social conditions in the US.

    Lynsey continues to work her genius hard. Choosing what to photograph is clearly integral to that genius. And gratitude for that work is what I feel.

    Thanks, Dan, for keeping us in touch with Westporters who achieve at such high levels.

  5. I wonder how much money Salvatore Giunta received for the Medal of Honor?

  6. Zero.

  7. Noel Alexandra Canfield

    I wonder what “The Dude Abides’ has done to save the world. His criticism is incredibly mean-spirited. I was a nanny for the Addario family nearly 40 years ago and have nothing but pride in and admiration for what their children have grown up to accomplish.

    • The Dude has won two presidential citations and devoted many years of pro bono legal work for the Urban League. His contempt is for the reward system and its priorities in this country and not necessarily the individual recipients.

  8. Those winning the Medal of Honor have long been paid an additional pension. But is money how our country now measures bravery, honor, artistic achievement, and similarly extraordinary accomplishments?

  9. Just this moment, 10:49 P.M. Tuesday, 11/30/10, the front page, lead photo of (above the fold as it were, digitally) is by Lynsey. and:

    As “The Dude..”, the one who has lifted the name of a cinematic hero of throngs (including myself) refuses to identify itself and is alleged to hide behind several pseudonyms, it is hard to ever know what exactly he/she/it actually believes. It uses surrogates to allege awards, kudos earned, achievements reached. As far as I am concerned they are all bogus sans verification.
    I use a name that is known to many in Our Town.

    Justfine refers to my last name, Fine. Just Fine & Dandy was the name of a corporation I owned. My actual name is Jim Fine. Many people in Westport know me and know that “Justfine” refers to me.

    If “The Dude Abides” as well as its many aliases is straight, honest, forthright and an actual person rather than an amalgam of opinionated ******** then perhaps it might come forward and identify itself.

    Or would that be betraying the McCarthyesque tradition behind which it hides?

    Proudly…Jim Fine

  10. The quickest way out of this war if for the American people to grasp its horror and hopelessness and to demand its leaders to end it. Without the work of brave journalists like Ms. Addario we would only ever see what the government wants us to see.

  11. @ Hmmmm

    Thank you so very much for bringing a rational voice of sanity to this discussion.

    I admire your ability to remain calmly objective when I cannot.

    Thanks very much.

  12. i don’t think it says what she did with the $500,000; so, it could be that like many nobel prize recipients she donated/invested it in the communities that gave her something to photograph. (but i also don’t see why the nanny is getting so worked up; ‘the dude abides’ doesn’t seem to be criticizing the photographer or her work).

  13. Jim,
    I have known the Dude since we were Little League opponents and, later, Staples ’66 classmates. I am in touch with him daily. His accomplishments are real. He uses an alias on this blog only because his family in TX continues to receive a stream of death threats due to his former wife’s involvement in the Enron prosecutions. The most recent threat, to his daughter, was about a month ago. Yes, he has received two presidential citations. Yes, he is a Vietnam vet. Yes, he practiced law very successfully in TX for 25 years. Yes, he has done much pro bono legal work for the Urban League and continues to provide free legal advice to individuals in Westport. Yes, he has written 10 published novels. No, he absolutely is not bogus. No, he does not ask “surrogates” to vouch for him. JAM and I — yes, JAM is a real person, a longtime Westporter whose father was a highly deocrated Marine aviator in three wars– and others, do so willingly when provoked. And, yes, Dan knows him well. On this issue Dude has long been purposefully provocative. For my part, there’s no doubt about Lynsey’s profound talent. I hope we see much more of her work in the years ahead.

  14. I find these 60+ year old apologists defending each others crankiness to be both hilarious and sad. Who the hell cares. Opinions are like a-holes, everybody’s got one.

  15. Tom,

    Thanks for filling in a few gaps. I appreciate and understand your sense of loyalty to a lifelong friend. Now, as his friend of about 50 years why not prevail upon him to take a deep breath and relax a bit. He would seem to be a candidate for a stroke and I seriously don’t wish that upon anybody.

    “Can’t we all just get along?” Even when we disagree.

  16. Sure, Jim, that’s my preferred mode of living, which is why I’m a very infrequent commenter on this blog. Nah, he won’t have a stroke. You and I will have one before him; he’s a marathoner.

  17. Noel Alexandra Canfield

    @anonymous: Worked up? Wiggedy-wack called Lynsey Addario an opportunist, so, yes, he is criticizing her. And I am no longer a nanny. I have saved the lives of premature and sick newborns as a profession since 1979.

  18. Sad how this thread has become about something other than the talents of this photographer, who seems to have documented matters needing to be documented.
    Yeah, I’m sure The Dude is a wonderful guy. Okay, what’s next?

  19. I personally believe that anyone who offers an opinion in any forum, public or otherwise, has an obligation to fully and accurately identify himself/herself in order to be taken seriously. If someone lacks the courage of his convictions to put his name to his words, then those words lack credibility and should be fully discounted as just a lot of noise. IMHO.

  20. Frank Ducharme

    Great guns to Lynsey! I have been a fan since her days in Cuba. I think she would find all comments here of interest. She has a curious mind and lens. That is her genius. As a transplanted Westporter retired in New Hampshire, I find it noteworthy that issues of the homeless and military families were completely ignored. Are you so busy backslapping and squabbling down there that you forget about the less fortunate. Judging from her recent photos, Lynsey hasn’t.

  21. a fan of dan's blog

    Noel — you go girl! And God bless you for your work including being a nanny to such a fine young woman. You should be proud to have been a part of her life. Anyone, especially a woman, who stands up to the cranky old?? men who post daily here (and might I say several times a day for some it seems– so I wonder what they do ), gets it here and they love to wallop! which is really kind of pathetic and telling. I catch up weekly in reading Dan’s great blog, and it is continually so unpleasant to read some of these old cranks all of the time which is why I don’t read Dan as often as I’d like to. So, hats off to you, Noel and post more often. It was a pleasure.

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  23. Medal of Honor recipients are given $400 a month for life by the government.

  24. Parsimonious.

  25. God Bless you, Lynsey!!! May He keep you safe and get you free from your captors!! I’m praying for you and your colleagues!!!! God Bless you!!!!

  26. Noel Alexandra Canfield

    Hoping Lynsey and her colleagues are soon released unharmed.

  27. Idiot.