Killing Trees, Part II

Last summer, “06880” reader Mary McGee complained about the ridiculous practice of dumping phone books underneath mailboxes.  They’re unsightly, she said — and besides, who uses phone books these days?

Almost 2 dozen folks commented, agreeing wholeheartedly.

Now, alert reader Jennifer Jackson sends along this info:  According to Yahoo! News, regulators are allowing telecommunications companies to stop mass-printing residential phone books.

Recently, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania approved Verizon’s request to not distribute white pages.  Virginia is considering a similar move.

Nearly a dozen other states have enacted or are debating similar legislation.

The list includes such forward-looking, business-interfering states as Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas.

But not Connecticut.

5 responses to “Killing Trees, Part II

  1. I believe that it is a great idea to ban yellow books as they are a waste of paper and now a days you can use the internet to look up anything but people should be given the option to receive a copy or pay for a copy. My grandmother is in her 70s and has never touched a computer before. When they stop distributing phone books in westport how will she find a plumber or find a repair men

  2. The Dude Abides

    I still like the Yellow Pages and figure if an advertiser can pay the rate, the outfit must be legit or at least solvent. Who knows on the net?? But I sure wish that you could just call and have one delivered instead of this aimless litering. Not sure what you mean by “business interfering” states like Texas. Gawd, man, it is still like the wild west outside most city limits. And businesses flourish. I am not sure why more states are not like the Lone Star state in attracting companies with various tax credits. Lord, Corporate America is holding on to 3 trillion dollars waiting to see which way the economy will go. Let ’em “out source” plants and jobs to states that will be promise more productive workers and tax advantages than the Chinese. Are you listening Governor Malloy??

  3. Gotta agree with KK and The Dude. There’s got to be a middle ground between no book at all and the current wasteful system.

  4. Found it..Didn’t come thru until I clicked on the Title Killing Trees…not part of the initial email. Thanks Dan–

  5. Dick Lowenstein

    Mass distribution of white pages : No. On-request distribution: Yes. Scanning a printed white page for spelling variations of a last name is infinitely superior to fussing on the Internet. (Is it Brown or Browne or Braun? Or Levi, Levy, or Levey?)