Wrecker Radio Rocks

Anyone who has listened to WWPT-FM broadcast a Staples soccer, football or basketball game knows:  It’s like no other high school radio station in the nation.

Now the rest of the country knows it too.

Yesterday, at the John Drury Awards in Illinois, “Wrecker Radio” earned several huge honors.

DJ Sixsmith’s sportstalk show was named the best in the US.  So was his daily sports update show, in the “Best Sportscast” category.

There were 3 individual 2nd place finishes:  Eric Gallanty for “Best Public Affairs Program”; Sixsmith, Ben Meyers and Jake Chernok for “Best Sports Play by Play,” and Gallanty for his sportscast.

Finishing 3rd were Gallanty and Sixsmith –twice.  One award was for their play-by-play of last Thanksgiving’s Staples-Greenwich football game; the other, for their sportstalk show.

Brendan Rand was a finalist for 2 separate newscasts.

And The Big One, for which the entire staff (and school)  should be proud:  WWPT-FM was named the 2nd Best High School Radio Station in the Country.

You won’t hear a lot of chest-thumping about those awards on Wrecker Radio.  The high school students are too professional for that.

So we’ll do it for them.  

As your motto says:  Don’t stop the music.

Or the sports.  Or news.

Congratulations to all at WWPT-FM!

Celebrating yesterday at the John Drury Awards ceremony (from left): Mike Zito, Eric Gallanty, DJ Sixsmith, Brendan Rand and Jake Chernok.

8 responses to “Wrecker Radio Rocks

  1. These guys are the BEST.
    They stick with the game, don’t drift, and offer interesting insight. They are better than most NFL announcers. It makes watching the game fun.
    Gotta get instant replay…

  2. Dennis Jackson

    Congratulations to the Wrecker Radio Team and their wise advisor!

  3. Larry Perlstein

    Outstanding! Well Done!

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  5. Congratulations! Well deserved award. Thanks for allowing listeners in OHIO to listen to your STAPLES SOCCER Broadcasts! Keep up the great work!

  6. Great news. Warms the heart of a 1975 grad to know that the tradition has been kept up so well. I still flip on WWPT when I’m in the area, just to check it out.

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