A Piece Of The Westport Pie

Despite a tough year, much of Westport enjoys far more than its share of the economic pie.

Which is why, as Thanksgiving looms, the Conservative Synagogue and Homes With Hope team up to “Share the Pie.”

The annual effort is simple:  Apple, pecan and pumpkin pies sell for $20 each.

Proceeds help Homes With Hope (formerly Interfaith Housing) provide permanent affordable housing, casework and support services, emergency shelter, food, meals, and life skills training.  The money also enables the Conservative Synagogue to fund outreach programs.

Individuals and families order pies.  So do local businesses; they give them to their employees as thanks, while at the same time aiding a great cause.  Last year, hundreds of pies were ordered.

There is no better — or more nourishing — way to give thanks.

(Deadline for ordering is Nov. 17.  Order forms are available at www.sharethepie.net. Ordered pies can be picked up on Tues., Nov. 23, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the synagogue parking lot.  Corporate orders of 10 pies or more will be delivered to offices, upon request.  For more information, call 203-454-4673.)

7 responses to “A Piece Of The Westport Pie

  1. That’s the spirit, I will get me a pie.

  2. Great idea for a great cause! Do you know who bakes the pies? Is it someone local?

    • Wendy Crowther

      I just went to the website to check out the situation. LuLu – in answer to your question, pies are made by Zommick’s Bakery (located on Long Island). They are offering apple, pecan and pumpkin for $20 per pie.

      I checked out Zommick’s via Google and it looks like they are a premier Kosher bakery. Comments regarding the establishment were often made by those who loved their products but who had moved away from the area and couldn’t find anything that compared! Sounds like good stuff!

  3. Hi, The pies are provided by Zommick’s Bakery which is located in Cedarhurst, NY. They’re extremely delicious!! Thank you for your inquiry.

  4. Hi, The pies are from Zommick’s Bakery which is in Cedarhurst, NY. Thank you for your inquiry!

  5. The Dude Abides

    Always the skeptic, I googled Homes with Hope. They have done some wonderful things throughout Westport and Weston since 1984. Now they are just beginning a 5 unit facility in Norwalk. Sure would like to see the pies baked locally (Great Cakes???) but just can’t get a good pecan (pronounced pea-can) pie outside of Texas. I am down for five.

  6. How about Michelle’s Pies (Wilton) She’s our favorite at the Farmer’s Market. All of her baked goods are delicious and she’s local too!