Hey, 5-Year-Old Kids: Vote For Me!

An alert “06880” reader sent this along, after yesterday’s Halloween parade on Main Street:

Political candidates forced our kids to advertise for them by showing up with balloons — an item kids “have” to have or there is a meltdown.

In addition to being a slimy way to get their name in pictures, the balloons got tangled in the crowds around the trick-or-treat baskets.  Just one more mess for moms to deal with.

It’s a shame when a kid’s event is bombarded with those looking for free advertising.  In addition, there were other people passing out flyers for nanny services and cupcake companies.  I understand this is their core market, but it really takes away from a kid-friendly event. 

Thanks for listening to my rant!

All that's missing from these cute kids' hands are political signs.

2 responses to “Hey, 5-Year-Old Kids: Vote For Me!

  1. The Dude Abides

    Why should kids be any more immune than the rest of us????? We are randomly bombarded by Corporate America and Corporate Politics at every turn.

  2. Check out TIME Magazine this week – – great article about advertising in public schools. Who knows: maybe Staples will be plastered with ads on lockers and on the roof (for airplane passenger’s viewing pleasure).