Smells Like The End For Douglas

An alert “06880” reader passes along the news that Perfumerie Douglas will close all its U.S. stores, with Westport’s Main Street location shutting on Saturday, Sept. 18.

Blue Mercury is said to be moving into its space.  Fortunately, it will fill downtown’s crying need for a makeup/skincare/spa place.

This information comes from the reader’s colleague, who heard it as she shopped at Douglas yesterday.

“Frankly,” the reader says, “I always found that store way too snooty for me.

She adds:  “Perhaps the photo of the store providing air conditioning for all of downtown Westport through their open door this summer doomed them.”

That’s not exactly what “06880” had in mind when we urged Parfumerie Douglas to “close its doors.”

Douglas, earlier this summer.

2 responses to “Smells Like The End For Douglas

  1. The Dude Abides

    Geez, you scared the bajesus out of me. Thought it was to mean: the end of Michael Douglas, who apparently is a victim of our holier than thou medical profession (tort reform??). But a shop too snooty for Westport? Far reach. Perhaps the blog entry on open door – a/c blasting businesses was a curse??? The power of the internet/press.

  2. I have shopped at Douglas for years and find the staff as lovely as can be. It will be a loss. To bad! Blue Mercury will not fill the void.