Holiday Weekend Ghosts

At noon today, Compo’s South Beach was filled with invisible people picnicking, grilling and enjoying one of the most beautiful days of the year.

9 responses to “Holiday Weekend Ghosts

  1. Interesting. Nice shots. But I just biked by Southport Beach and it was crowded. Not a parking spot to be had. Must be better looking life guards.

  2. What do you suppose would happen if someone took the sign seriously and occupied one of those “reserved” tables? A lawsuit?

  3. Westporter since 1970

    The rules for bottles and alcohol consumption also seem to be not in force. I spotted at least four beer bottle consumers on Compo Beach (not South) pretty close to NY license plated cars during a twenty minute visit for a swim on Sunday morning. Who’s enforcing the regs?

  4. Westporter since 1953

    You have been here for forty years and you have to ask that???

  5. Westporter since 1970

    Does length in residence correlate to cynicism about the effectiveness of parks and rec and the police? I have always been a believer and supporter of our local government. Should I rethink?

    • Westporter since 1953

      Length of residence has nothing to do with cynicism but old age does. In all seriousness, have you noticed cars speeding, running stop signs and/or people talking on cellphones while they drive??? I am sure such behavior correlates directly to the antics you describe on the beach. The enforcement seems subjective. Try driving down the Post Road in an old clunker at midnight and see how far you get. It is small town police, mixed with a few select law suits backed by big money, that governs this town. It has for 50 or so years. And for some reason (probably image), the beach is off limits although they used to tow any and all cars with New York plates when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Now there are too many of them.

  6. It’s called virtual picnicking. You reserve a table, then enjoy and socialize over the internet. Like tailgating @ football games at the University of Phoenix. In-person stuff is SO 2002….

  7. In a “It takes a village” moment, what if…

    The reserved tablecloths are removed and neatly folded near the designated spot so that others can enjoy the beach amenities.

    If those who notice an offender’s transgressions: speak to a lifeguard or town employee to help make them aware, rather than stew about it.

    Realize that cars with “out of state plates” have paid an entrance fee to park at the beach. Perhaps if it bothers you so much, attend a Parks & Rec Commission meeting and bring up the issue. More helpful: propose a solution i.e. all non-sticker”d cars park across the street, they way it was 40 years ago.

  8. Westporter since 1953

    Well haven’t we settled everyone miscontents???? Thank you. Actually it doesn’t bother me at all. Wesporter ’70 was complaining. I don’t go near Compo anymore except on my long runs. Buring Hill or Southport are far quieter and the water the same. But since we are creating Hillary’s village, the mindset decades ago was that New Yorrrrrkers had access to Sherwood Island and thus, our beaches were off limits (even to those paying for parking). There was an overall fear that New Yorrrrrkers would, given the chance, take over the town. Unfortunately, those fears were realized. I love Parks & Recreation for what they do but they are limited in muscle and not completely non-political in my mind.