Bumper Stickers, Part 2 (Read At Your Peril)

In response to this morning’s “06880” post on bumper stickers, reader John Raho sent along a few he saw — “on a car from Massachusetts, of all places.”

“You usually only see things like this on Volvos, and then they’re usually slogans and such from the other side,” John added helpfully.

And, he continued, “the stickers are the views and commentary of the driver and in no way represent the views of the sender in any way…yada…yada…yada.”

In honor of the 1st Amendment — and because it looks like a slow weekend — I’m publishing John’s photos.

But — I can’t help myself — I posted them all as far to the right side as possible.

16 responses to “Bumper Stickers, Part 2 (Read At Your Peril)

  1. The Dude Abides

    Well I just learned that you can get a “Obami-Commi T-shirt” at “Stick It To A Liberal.com.” How special. What did Hemingway say about a patriot? “The one yelling the loudest and who doesn’t know what he is yelling about.” I miss Papa.

  2. i wish you had only displayed: “war never solved anything except: slavery, oppression, genocide, communism, fascism, nazism…now for terrorism”, and ‘(american flag image) Love It or Leave It’.

    • The Dude Abides

      When was the last time war did any of those things?? 1945.
      Who exactly is our enemy in the war on terror?? Is that anything like the war on drugs?
      Love it or Leave it? That was Vietnam. Wrong war.
      Papa was right.

      • WW II ended when Harry nuked Japan. Unfortunately, that approach is not considered an option, yet. There is no sense spending $800 billion on the military, and then setting up rules of engagement that negate every advantage that $800 billion buys. The weak link in the chain of command is always at the very top. We should bring our troops home if we don’t know if we want to win or what a victory would look like.

  3. As I was reading the bumper stickers the owner returned to his car so I asked him about them.
    He told me, ‘he use to get 25 people flipping him off and two giving him the thumbs up, and now he gets 25 people giving him the thumbs up and only 2 people flipping him off’.
    And that’s in Massachusetts.

  4. Interesting comment. It gives insight on how divided this country really is at the present time. I don’t like the comment above about “Love it or Leave it” though. That kind of talk is non-productive.

  5. Innocent Bystander

    I hate war and I have been in one. They just don’t work any more since World War II. Here we have a 800 billion dollar military budget and can’t destroy an enemy that doesn’t even own an airplane. It is senseless to those 4,000 that lost their lives and 30,000 injured in Iraq just as it was to 58,000 dying in Vietnam. Time to find another way.

  6. we have debilitated ‘the enemy’ via our military efforts and those same efforts encourage acceptance of our diplomatic and commercial overtures. without our military efforts and without the threat we pose of increasing those efforts we would be more vulnerable to those whose interests run counter to those of USA.

    • Exactly who feels threatened by our military strength? Certainly not those guys who flew the planes into the WTC. We are a paper tiger. Let’s just bring the troops home and try and protect our own borders.

  7. My all-time favorite bumper sticker is displayed proudly on my wife’s
    car bumper:

    A CHILD?

  8. Innocent Bystander

    Nice. It has been the law since 1972 but still there are over 3,000 pro-life “pregnancy aid” clinics in this country as compared with just over 300 abortion clinics. And the issue is still consuming our Supreme Court’s agenda.

  9. Pro-violence, class segregation, negativism and blame. That’s some platform, where do I sign up?

    The framers of the constitution would throw up all over this guy.