The Recession Is Over!

Apparently, Westporters don’t need bargains anymore — they’re back to paying full price for everything.

How else to explain that only 1 — 1! — Westporter checked in to last week to claim the free iced coffee available every Friday at Crumbs?

Sure, iced coffee costs (substantially) less than the mondo, multi-colored and mega-sugared cupcakes served up behind (ahem) Tiffany.

Still, “free” is not a bad price.

6 responses to “The Recession Is Over!

  1. Cranky Old Man

    Are you taking advertisements now???

  2. Dan,

    Much as I love, admire and respect you (2 of my kids and my wife were students at Staples with you) and I am probably in the .009% of your readers who actually knows what Foursquare is, I’m hardly one to use it. Frankly, although I have 2 friends my age who are Facebook freaks , one of whom is also a Tweeter, and post/blog daily I refuse to participate. Although I am the most wired of my 60’s contemporaries (yes those of us who are 60’s folks are currently 60’s folks as well..get it?) I refuse to participate in socializing with total strangers outside of reality when I do engage complete strangers daily and always have. That said, I’m certain the bargains offered through Foursquare are awesome dude even if it means sharing your whereabouts with others.

  3. John McCarthy

    I was the one who got the the free iced coffee. Accompanied with a paid-for cupcake I didn’t need. Four Square and other location-based online services will continue to grow in importance for Westport and all other towns. I can see increased use in Westport whenever I lose one of my Four Square Mayorships in town. Most painful Mayorship to lose was the one for Westport Town Hall; Liz Mitchell of Westport Patch has been spending more time there than I have. And losing the Sunny Daes Mayorship to Dana S was also difficult

    PS. FourSquare also offered a 25% off promotion for those who checked in at the Gap.

  4. Why am I not surprised that @JohnMcCarthy was the one? 🙂

  5. Its Friday, taking a break to walk the dog and go claim my free coffee at Crumbs in exchange for my foursquare check in.