Pig Sties

For a long time I thought the messiest parking lot in Westport was Compo Shopping Center — especially the section by CVS.

Then I stopped at the Merritt Parkway Exit 42 park-and-ride.

But that’s nothing compared to the scene earlier this week — on a quiet afternoon — at the Compo pavilion next to Joey’s.

Joey’s employees work hard to keep the pavilion, boardwalk and nearby areas clean.

But they’re no match for thoughtless, entitled — or just plain rude — beachgoers, of all ages.

19 responses to “Pig Sties

  1. Keep America Beautiful needs to start at home. The lot at 41 is as bad as 42. And if you notice, people are starting to once again use the steets a trash cans. I am constantely cleaning up my area along Wilton road: fast food wrappers (is there a unknown relationship between eating food bad for your body and not bothering to take care of our planet?), papers, empty bottles and personal hygiene items (Don’t ask!).

    Looks to me the only way to handle it is to shame those we see using our roads as garbage cans and suggest they could not be disrespectful to themselves as well as their neighbors .

  2. I, too, am constantly picking up soda cups, napkins, bottles, etc., from the strip along my section of Long Lots. Not a day goes by that I don’t discover some piece of trash near my mailbox. Maybe we need to initiate a “Keep Westport Beautiful” campaign.

  3. The Innocent Bystander

    Take a good look at Wakeman field after a game or practice. Dozens of plastic bottles all over the place. But you ever notice it is junk food containers trashed. Not many apple cores on the side of North Avenue. Stupid is as stupid does, as Mama use to say. Of course, the ultimate “pigey” British Petroleum goes unpunished. Nice message.

  4. The pigs and their piggy carelessness extend to private property as well. I live near Exit 41 and my yard extends quite far into a wooded area. There’s a confusing sign that leads often out of towners to turn off onto Red Coat rather than the Merritt going north. Cars that are lost often just toss things like styrofoam cups, Fosters oversized beer cans, pints of rum, Dorito bags—the whole seven eleven shelf of car snacks. At least once a week we have to walk the length of our property and pick up scads of trash. It’s dismaying, but it sure proves there’s a lot of drinking and driving going on. And no amount of talking to the state or town about the dangerous sign problem, more significant than trash, has had an impact.
    Merritt at Exit 41 has always been a problem. Thestate has ever gotten even a nod.

  5. Ok I’ve got two and # two is just that-
    I use to run up the streach of Greens (Green’s) Farms Road between Burring Hill beach and the 95 overpass- there (i counted ) were 27 blackberrie brandy bottles randomly strewn along the side of the road. Clearly the same person made a habit of dicarding his same trash. The best was a giant dog doodie at the beginning of my driveway- that to me was the ultimate. who lets their dog poo in someone elses driveway and leaves it! come on! dogs don’t roam free in Westport.

  6. Another example of the new “me” generation attitude. “I live in Westport, I am rich, I make my own rules. I have ‘people’ to clean up after me. Got a problem?
    Call my lawwyer”

  7. I find this all mildly amusing. When I made mention of the large amount of trash deposited on my property during the 4th of July celebration, the response was; “Get over it, we are all having fun.”

  8. The Innocent Bystander

    Sorry Jeffxs. Double standard. At least it wasn’t dog poo.

  9. You want to see dog poo? Go to Compo during the dog toilet season.

  10. The Innocent Bystander

    Yeah I got two labs that contribute very loosely (it is the flaxseed oil). Check out Wakeman Field though. Sewer. Not sure it is the “me” generation as Gary suggests: the “Great Generation” polluted the hell out of the environment. The boomers have just given lip service and X/Y generations too busy looking for a new job. Bring back the WPA and have some of those Wall Street hot shots pick up garbage for minimum wage. Reality check.

  11. The Innocent Bystander is right on. His last two sentences show us the solution. Bravo!

  12. The Innocent Bystander

    After the 4th of July, you are asking that? My lady made the comment that people in Westport are better about picking up dog poo than they are teaching their kids about litering. Had a kid at a Staples football game drop two soda cans right in front of me. Asked him three times to pick it up. My lady finally picked it up and handed it to him in front of about ten adults at the ticket booth. Shamed him into remission

  13. Years ago -my daughter and I spent time cleaning up the trash at the Park and Ride at Exit 42. She made an observation – there are NO trash cans available. It still does not give someone the right to simply discard their trash as they wish – but it certainly might help a bit. My guess the issue is that someone would have to empty it on a regular basis and that might be an issue.

  14. The Dude Abides

    Good point, Dan, as there are few trash cans at Wakeman as well Still no excuse for being a pigey.

  15. Have you seen the parking lot next to Gillespie Center?


  16. The Dude Abides

    Well we pick up garbage on North Avenue on the back side of our runs. And
    I have taken about ten telephone books to the dump from ignored mailbox depositories as well. And I ain’t no saint (alittle anal maybe) but I am beginning to think you can’t rely on the government or private enterprise anymore so I guess it is up to us citizens. That is, for those who actually give a s&*%$.

  17. Looks a lot like the Staples cafeteria after 3 lunch waves.