No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

On Monday, Parks & Rec installed a spiffy awning over the gatehouse at the Compo Beach entrance.

So what was the reaction of the teenagers and 20somethings who work all day checking beach stickers, collecting fees, and answering the same questions over and over and over again?

They hate it.

“It looks ugly,” one attendant said yesterday.

“It blocks the sign telling people what to pay,” another noted — not that non-resident drivers read the sign anyway.

“It stops my tan,” a 3rd employee chimed in, with the youthful assurance of someone who got her summer job for just that reason.

“I don’t mind skin cancer,” she added.

4 responses to “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

  1. With the awning and vanity-over-health priority already installed, there is only one thing to do. Since the beach entry employees were not consulted about renovations to their workplace, all the stops must be pulled out now in a generous “compromise”:

    1) Replace the ugly chairs with two miniature lifeguard chairs which will enhance the lively summer theme advanced by the blue ticking awning, AND at the same time provide enough height with which the future raisinet can continue to beckon to her melanin on a daily basis.

    2) Provide a full-size fridge stocked with all the teens’ favorite drinks and snacks, as an olive branch of sorts.

    3) Sign waiver promising not to contact the “Angry Moms” about what is allowed in the fridge.

    4) Hire local firm to develop question-answering system so the employees
    do not have to repeat the same info over and again, just the instructions for properly using the question-answering system.

    5) Take out an ad in the papers apologizing for forgetting to assemble a committee for forming a commission to appoint members to a board overseeing any further changes to the Compo Beach parking huts.

  2. If Parks & Rec is interested in improving the appeal of the Compo Beach area, perhaps a committee could be formed to raise funds for the renovation of the brick structure of the pavilion and Joey’s By the Shore. There is so much potential to improve the aesthetics, and keep up the reputation of our beautiful town.

  3. The Innocent Bystander

    Why don’t they add a few more signs (background) while they are at it OR maybe an electronic gate that would replace those bored employees. The guy at Greens Farms (don’t start!!) beach is always smiling and greets you like a long lost friend. That kind of attitude would spruce up any entry way.

    • There’s a beach in Westport called Greens Farms? Might that be Burying Hill by some chance?