Calling today’s primary election turnout “light” is like calling Sarah Palin’s family “interesting.”

When I cast my vote at Saugatuck Elementary School this morning, I was only the 3rd Democrat of the day.

“Is that good or bad?” I asked.

“It’s just a fact,” a scrupulously objective poll worker replied.

When I left, another poll worker thanked me for voting.

So did Nitzy Cohen, stationed inches beyond the candidate-free zone.  Even though she knows I’m not a Republican.

Hey, there was no one else around she could talk to.

Why am I posting a photo of Nitzy? Because she was there.

4 responses to “Vote!

  1. Terry Brannigan

    Good for you!

    PS: Don’t you love the “Candidate Free Zone”! Laurie and I used to love chatting it up with Team Meoli in “the zone”. I also love the Memorial Day Parade, The steps in front of Assumption after mass, the dump and our local election days. (the Westport Playhouse could learn a lot from the organic vibe of these places!) The lead up to the elections can be a bit much, but the actual day is pure Americana and pure Westport. One year, Mel pinned a “Joe” button to my lapel without me thinkingabout it. I was escorted out of the gym until it was removed! It was great! BTW as Dan knows, our house is ideally located for candidate placard placement, but this year it’s been as dead as our burnt out grass. I wonder if it’s my political affiliation that’s kept us sign free this year or maybe they are just getting poached before we get to see them!

  2. John McCarthy

    I was Democrat number 79 at Saugatuck at around 8:50.

  3. Maybe there will be light crowds due to the nasty air about this election. Most costly in state history and most due to losers in the caucus primary going for a second chance. Add to that the sinage destruction, A large banner on my property for Steve Rubin was vandalized damaging my fence yesterday. I am sickened , angered and fed up with this election more than any in my 50+ years in 06880

  4. Stephen Rubin

    Steve Rubin lost Republican Primary. He thanks all of those who supported him and will continue to be on the Westport RTM representing his district. “I will always be an advocate of Westport”, he said.