Adios, Zole

Zole — the Mexican spot on the Post Road, next to Innovation Luggage and Stanton Miles — is the latest Westport restaurant to close.

Need a fajita?

Go all the way to Border Grill — 1/10 mile west.

Fancy something a bit fancier?  Head all the way east — a quarter mile — to Ole Mole.

The site of the former Zole restaurant.

5 responses to “Adios, Zole

  1. The Dude Abides

    That place was too fancy for a Mexican restaurant anyhow. No offense amigos.
    Christie’s, when Dodie was around, was dang
    good Tex-Mex food. But you definitely need some of those refried beans once a week to clean out the system. You don’t see any Latinos having colon issues do you?

  2. I loved Zole – the food, service and atmosphere were great in my opinion, and I miss them!

  3. Villa del Sol Best Fozen Blender Sports and the host owner Joe and his family are the nicest guys anywhere ! Crepes de Camerons to die for

  4. Terry Brannigan

    It’s a bummer when any place closes. I’m no profit; however, I was concerned from the start. Great food and service not withstanding…the location was uninspired. Nothing says fine dining like vacuum cleaners, carpet remnants and discount luggage! In the words of Viva Zapata founder and poet “Duke”…it isn’t the resturant business, it’s show business!
    Vaya con Dias