Oscar’s Is A Sketch

Elaine Clayton is a Westport artist whose sketches of neighborly people and places often appear on WestportNow.com (and, occasionally, “06880“).

Now they’re on view at a quintessentially neighborhood place:  Oscar’s.

Clayton has long been intrigued by all the artists who frequent the downtown deli.  (She pictures the Ashcan School hanging out there.  Oscars’ has been on Main Street a long time, but not that long.)

“The place has great creative energy,” she says.  “It feels like the essential townie place to be.”

This week, her sons Jonah and Alistair helped her hang 25 sketches and paintings on Oscar’s walls.  They’ll be there all month.

They’re fun to see.  Though we’ll refrain from calling them “food for thought.”

Elaine Clayton's Compo lifeguard

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