Fun At The Fest

Sure, the Italian Festival is about paisans of all ages eating, enjoying rides, trying to win basically unwinnable games, eating, listening to vaguely familiar music, seeing fellow Westporters while wondering where everyone else came from, and then having food.

But some folks have to work — and we’re not talking about the hard-working Sons of Italy volunteers (and others) who make it happen every year.  Who ever thinks about — or really sees — the carnies?

Early on the 1st day, this woman waited for customers. The stuffed animal waited to be won.

Elvis came to Luciano Park. Long live The King.

This woman was selling Italy hats, t-shirts and trinkets. I asked if she was Italian. She said no. Then again, at the Italian Fest, everyone is.

Damn! I forgot to ask the psychics who's going to win on Sunday: Spain or the Netherlands?

This guy (left) had one of the toughest jobs around: standing knee-deep in water, playing with heavy kid-filled ballons, unloading them, then blowing them up for the next customer.

This dude was working hard too. Although the Surgeon General does not approve of the message.

8 responses to “Fun At The Fest

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  2. The Dude Abides

    And I thought there was a lot of whining going on this blog. I don’t think I will Consult Keith any further. In a round about way, he is having us blame ourselves for everything. Now that isn’t much fun now is it?
    P.S. Excellent photos there Wooger

  3. Sensible One

    Photos are lovely, Dan. Keith, interesting perspective….. really about responsibility…

    But I have to add, my little Scottish Grandmother always said. “Life would be SO much easier if everyone would do what they were supposed to do, when they were supposed to be doing it.”

    If she hadn’t passed away in 1979, she would be 115 today – which goes to show that perhaps, the premise is the same as it always has been.

    • The Dude Abides

      Not to discredit your grandmama but what are we “suppose to do?” Responsible granted but too many options in this day and age. Makes your head spin.

  4. And all this time, I thought these folks were Westporters. Sigh.

  5. Bitchin on Fireworks and complaining on the Italian Fest party. Both the best times around town to see, party and laugh with friends and neighbors you do not see but for these gala times.

    I am thinking something is amiss, there is a bad karma or just maybe having one of those bad dreams that you wake up in but are not really awake.

  6. Sensible One


    You are absolutely right. But to her mind, to give you an example – remember the car crash that occurred recently at Exit 42? Witnesses said that the car had run the red light, hit a mailbox and another car, with a number of people being taken to the hospital.
    The person driving the car was “supposed” to stop and not run the red light. Having not done what he/she was “supposed” to do caused the crash and everything else that went along with it.

    Same thing with Police – they are “supposed” to do the right and noble thing, but they don’t- hence – corruption.

    Anyone can cite examples until they are blue in the face – that’s just the way society seems to be these days – and yes, it does make your head spin.

  7. The Dude Abides

    Agreed. “Suppose to” has become a culturiologically subjective term. Certainly manners have been diluted in our society. But the example you give would seem to be an issue of legality and not any implied sense of values. Now if a doctor went by the scene and did not stop to give aid, I would agree with your grandmother’s supposition. Of course, the doctor would argue that his/her liability carrier prohibits him/her from stopping and well . . . life has gotten very complicated for some reason since your GMN’s day. Too bad too.