PAL Tax Return Revealed For World To See

The recent “06880” fireworks over Westport’s fireworks included — among other things — assertions that the books of sponsoring agency PAL should be open and examined by all.

Ask, and ye shall receive.

An “06880” reader who works in the non-profit field sent along a link to the IRS Form 990 return from 2008 — the most recent available.

Before conspiracy theorists start squawking, please note:  The reader explains it is standard in the non-profit world for completion and publication of the 990 to lag 12-18 months behind the current fiscal year.

Full disclosure:  The reader calls himself someone who is “very fond of the PAL Compo fireworks.”  It was the site of his “very first, very serious makeout session” back in 19xx.

Click here to view PAL’s 990 document.

26 responses to “PAL Tax Return Revealed For World To See

  1. Innocent Bystander

    Nice job. CSI Westport. I know I can now sleep much better knowing that PAL brings in over a half million dollars a year and everything, and I mean everything, is expensed out. I might add that 19xx was a very good year for sex.

  2. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Well done Dan… Now maybe we can get some people over to Jeffxs after the “works” to clean up errant messes so we can make him happier about the fireworks

    • The Dude Abides

      Richard: I am a big free speech guy but you are sounding like a vuvuzela about Jeffxs. I took heat on Staples and went underground. I wish you would ease up on him. I enjoy his input and your bullying him will only send him away.

      • Richard Lawrence Stein

        Not at all Dude just teasing…no bullying at all

        • The Dude Abides

          Same thing to me.

          • Richard Lawrence Stein

            No way… Teasing is in jest and with humor… Bullying is mean menacing and hurtful

          • The Dude Abides

            Yeah, tell that to the teenager who committed suicide in Massachusetts

          • Richard Lawrence Stein

            Dude all here are not teenagers… Give it a rest…. I feel for and young person who is picked on and cannot defend themselves….but that and this is not the case

        • The Dude Abides

          Mr. Stein: So your inference is that it is okay to tease or bully someone who can defend themselves? Please, YOU give it a rest. People here make comments. Others respond. But you are baiting Jeffxs before he even enters into the dialogue. Definitely not cool and very much like a teenager.

          • Richard Lawrence Stein

            Dude I am toooo tired to deal with you.. If you don’t get it that’s your deal…

  3. Richard: I don’t want to violate the don’t ask don’t tell policy that applies to most every activity in Westport, but a tax return is not a financial statement. The tax returns offer some information, but they do not allow for a proper audit. BTW Can you identify from the tax return how much net revenue is generated by the fireworks for the PAL? Can you tell from the tax return to whom PAL funds are paid? As I said; the returns are interesting, but not the basis of a proper audit.

    • Figures this guy would show up with a complaint.

      One must conclude, the reason Jeffxs knows a tax return is not a financial statement is because — he falsely reports his taxes every year. Oh wait, did I just make an unfounded accusation?

      • Is anything I posted with respect to the tax returns untrue or inaccurate? I thought not. You resort to ad hominem attacks because you have no substantive rebuttal.

    • “BTW can you identify from the tax return how much net revenue is generated by the fireworks for the PAL?”
      Answer: Yes, you can. See 1 page Special Events Schedule after Schedule A of Form 990 and just before Federal Statements

      ” Is anything I posted with respect to the tax returns….inaccurate?”

      Answer: Perhaps not, because the above was a rhetorical question but you implied that information on the return could not be found on the return when, in fact, it was there.

      Pal books are independently audited. See the firm that prepared the tax return for signature by the unpaid volunteer Treasurer, Mr. Wickey. I expect that audit would be made available to any citizen who requested it irrespective of whether or not he/she used his/her real name.

  4. Richard Lawrence Stein

    Ok fair enough but it’s a start

  5. Jim Lapley

    Is PAL actually run by the police?????

    • If you go to the Westport PAL website; it is difficult to determine who runs it or who sits on its board of directors.

      • The Dude Abides

        I was afraid of that. When I was growing up here, the cops were actually out umpiring . It was sort of a pre-sensitivity training to get to know your local law enforcement. With the bucks they are generating now, your caution is well deserved.

      • The 4 officers and 8 Directors of Westport PAL are listed at Statement 7 of the Form 990 Tax return.

        That statement also lists the compensation, benfits and expenses paid to each of those 12 individuals: zero.

        That statement also lists the key employees: none.

        Sounds like Pal needs a volunteer Devil’s Advocate to help to keep their web
        site as transparent as possible.

  6. Arnie Kaye

    With Italian Festival underway this week, it’s best not to utter “pal” , knowwhatimtakinabout?

  7. Long live Arnie Kaye!

  8. Oh, great to hear from you, Arnie! The town misses you.

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  10. Connecticut law requires any public charity, such as the PAL, that receives $500,000 or more per year of fees and donations to file an annual audited financial statement. The financial statements for the PAL are on file with the STATE OF CONNECTICUT OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL / DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER PROTECTION/PUBIC CHARITIES UNIT P.O. Box 120, 55 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06141-0120.