Feliz 4 De Julio

Bank of America tells its Westport customers — in Spanish — how it will celebrate America’s independence from the British.

We’re not living in 1776 any more.

Gracias a Dios.

7 responses to “Feliz 4 De Julio

  1. Carl A. Swanson

    Yeah they do that on ATM machines as well with choice of languages. In Texas, they have it on the voting cards. I know we are a changing culture. Soon my white butt will be a minority. And my grandparents came over on the boat from Sweden. All is good but I would like to see the language of America be English. And I don’t think we are doing enough to promote that. Instead we are enabling those who don’t speak our language to continue not speaking it. By the way, I do speak Spanish.

  2. Dick Lowenstein

    And — surprise — I’ll side with John Raho. We’re a nation of many religions, ethnicities, races, and national origins. We share a common geography, laws, national symbols, and — in my humble opinion — language.

  3. Ann Bacharach

    Actually side-by-side comparisons of English and another language (in this case Spanish) is one way to helps non-speakers learn English.

    • Carl A. Swanson

      Interesting point. Never thought of it that way but I guess it makes sense. I am not sure it is utilized however. Many Latinos I knew down south, even after twenty years in this country, never learned English. It was very limiting to their work advancement and many were very embarrassed by it. Curiously, they were the ones who taught me Spanish (after 5 years of it in the ALM program in Westport).

  4. Cornellian

    I love to go to Disney and practice my Spanish. After a week on the monorail, I can recite the warnings in both ingles and espanol to keep my arms and hands (or is it hearts and minds) inside the car while the vehicle is in motion … and also take small children by the hand when entering or exiting the tram …

    Are the habla espanol group learning the ingles?

    • Arthur Champlin

      Cornellian: I don’t think so. Many try very hard but in most situations — work, school and community —- they are not forced to learn English. I think we are doing such Latinos a disservice by the dual language as displayed by the Bailout Bank of America.