At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

Perfect weather.  A don’t-have-to-work-tomorrow Friday evening.  Family and friends.  Fantastic fireworks.

That’s the formula for another great Independence Day celebration in Westport.

We got the weekend off on the right foot yesterday. 

Enjoy the rest of the holiday — and don’t forget to say “thanks” to all the folks at Parks & Rec, the Police Department and PAL who made last night so special.

Even more fun than fireworks: making bubbles on the boardwalk.

All Parks & Rec personnel were working last night -- taking tickets, parking cars, providing security, and calmly listening to Very Important Westporters complain about whatever.

What's the Westport fireworks without an imported brass band?

A typical fireworks picnic -- one of thousands at Compo. And not an open beer can or wine bottle in sight.

Admit it: All fireworks look alike. If I didn't tell you this wasn't from last night, you'd never know.

15 responses to “At The Twilight’s Last Gleaming

  1. Wendy Crowther

    Thanks Westport PAL and Westport Parks and Recreation. It was a spectacular night. The fireworks event continues to be the best community-wide block party there is. Being able to share one of our finest community assets with thousands of my Westport brethren and their friends, makes me feel so lucky to live here.

  2. Carl A. Swanson

    Certainly a nice tradition. Unbelievably good weather. I am curious, does Westport always have the fireworks on the Friday before the 4th. Is this a tradition or changed annually according to other towns?

    • Not the Friday before — usually a day or two before. That avoids paying holiday overtime to so many police, Parks & Rec and other workers on the 4th.

  3. We really enjoyed the fireworks last night, and appreciate all who made it possible. Does anyone know if the date for next year’s fireworks display has been chosen yet?

  4. Everything was perfect!

  5. Thanks, pal!

  6. Wasn’t a complete success! People are foolish enough to drink liquor throughout the evening, only to rush off to their cars and idiotically bombard their way through the treacherous parking lots!!!! I watched as a Parks & Rec. employee was knocked straight off their feet as a man and his family dashed for the exits. I certainly enjoyed myself but the night was not flawless by any means.

    • There was also the tragedy of 58-year-old Charles Lucas, who fell overboard while returning from the Sound in boat, suffered severe head trauma, and was pronounced dead at the Compo marina. Had “06880” known of this at the time of the posting, we would have included the very sad news.

    • I think we have to have to hand it to organizers that we are able to do such a feat as it is. People cram in for hours to watch a half hour long show and then scramble out. The beach is way over capacity, and so are the roads leading to it. Its amazing that we are able to do what was done.

  7. Carl A. Swanson

    Jeez, I hate to hear about the boozing and the fate of Mr. Lucas. Very very sad. Makes you want to stay home.

  8. Dan lets be honest… there is a reason why Red Solo cups are a popular item in the summer…. As long as the driver doesn’t partake I don’t see a problem with a couple of drinks… which reminds me.
    This “zero tolerance” policy that I was bombarded with when I was on the beach with a “flyer” is slightly absurd. Especially when 50 feet away over the stone wall on south beach, there is none.
    No glass bottles…. that makes sense, zero tolerance… come on, lets be reasonable.

  9. The Dude Abides

    Okay, let’s be honest and reasaonble. 13,846 deaths related to drunk driving in 2008 and 264 in Connecticut. Booze does not belong at a public children-driven national holiday celebration. Period. The “boundary” line to boozedom on west beach is absurd. No booze, Period. If you need alcohol to have a good time in such a setting, you belong at AA. And I speak from experience, not some kind of 1920’s Prohibition logic.

  10. If there was a policy of “zero tolerance” it was in name only.

  11. back to Charles Lucas’ passing, that is so sad. i knew him only because we’re both one of a dozen or so who run-jog-walk the same Compo-Longshore Loop no matter what the weather; i am so sorry that his family & friends lost him, he was a really always warm & pleasant person…one of those people you always feel better for having run into (or been sprinted past by).