Bad News For Bridgeport

As Westport evaluates its response to the March storm, another disaster is unfolding 2 towns away.

A strong thunderstorm knocked down branches, and knocked out power, here yesterday.  Bridgeport fared far worse.  A tornado knocked down buildings, blew out windows, and turned that long-suffering city into a disaster zone.

Beyond volunteering at the Mercy Center, going to Sound Tigers games and driving through as quickly as possible on I-95, Westporters don’t have much to do with Bridgeport.

But today, more than ever, we are reminded what a difference a few miles makes.

3 responses to “Bad News For Bridgeport

  1. Carl A. Swanson

    While with the FDIC during the first banking crisis, I closed 119 banks in 20 states over a span of five years. The only location that we were mandated a curfew was Bridgeport. I am afraid Connecticut has not taken very good care of it cities. I know the schools have suffered but was not aware of the general deterioration since the storm. I wish them well. But it ain’t easy being poor in this country.

  2. It is no accident that Connecticut’s cities are in dissary. We chased all of the middle income jobs out of the state.

  3. Innocent Bystander

    Don’t stroll too far off Yale campus at night. New Haven ain’t much better than Bridgeport.