Squeaky Clean Takes Care Of Details

Squeaky Clean — Westport’s student-owned car detailing service — is back for a 3rd summer.  Showing their entrepreneurial bones, founders Max Reznik and Dylan Bobrow have added a few twists.

Dylan Bobrow, Max Reznik and a Squeaky Clean car.

They’ll bring equipment to local offices and stores.  Employees and customers can get their cars detailed while they work or shop — for a discounted price.  They invite interested companies to contact them for (ahem) details.

They’re organizing a promotion to raise money to help prevent colon cancer.  They need a parking lot for quick details and car washes.  If you’ve got one, let them know.

Max and Dylan are looking for franchisees — and part-time employees.  Again, give a yell.

Squeaky Clean still does house calls.  Returning customers get a 10% discount.

And — oh yes — they now detail boats.

Squeaky Clean promises a lot.  But they work hard.  And they deliver.

Max and Dylan didn’t get to the top of Westport’s summer-job heap by forgetting about all the little details.

(Squeaky Clean can be contacted by email {squeakycleandetailing@gmail.com] or phone [203-216-5350].)

6 responses to “Squeaky Clean Takes Care Of Details

  1. John Dodig

    I just had my car done and it has never been so clean. They took care of ALL the details. This is the second summer I have used their service. They are hard-working young men.

  2. The Dude Abides

    Maybe they could help out with the Gulf of Mexico cleanup? Nice to hear of enterprising young individuals in town.

  3. They did an amazing job on our cars! They were squeaky clean – just like they promised. I would highly recommend them. Best part is they come to your house. What’s easier than that?! Oh, and great guys to top it off.

  4. Jamie Camche

    Do you remember the feeling of driving your new car out of the showroom ? Squeaky Clean will polish, clean and restore your car to its original condition. They drive to your home or place of business and within a few hours time, your auto is transformed !! Efficient and suprisingly reasonable ~ I highly recommend this wonderful service.

  5. This great business is run by two caring individuals who make it a point to produce good customer service and a quality “squeaky clean” end product. I definitely recommend them!

  6. Cathy Holligan

    The Squeaky Clean guys are hard working and professional. Our car looked great when they were done and it was all done conveniently at our house!! We will definitely be using them again!