Signs For Staples

As their graduation gift, the Class of 1966 donated a handsome sign reading “Staples High School — Westport, Conn.”

John Lupton (left), Class of 1966 president, shakes hands with '67 president Dick Sandhaus at the sign's dedication ceremony. Principal Jim Calkins looks on.

It was dedicated in a proud ceremony at the North Avenue entrance to the school.

A few weeks later — on Halloween night — vandals smashed it to pieces.

Now — a mere 44 years later — the same Class of ’66 is helping again.

Led by former class president John Lupton, a group of alums — in cooperation with Staples’ current PTA and the Nistico family — is raising funds for 3 important, long-needed projects:

  • Lighting for the current entrance sign — the lintel from the original (1884) school, which now sits on North Avenue by the tennis courts.  Right now, it’s impossible to see at night.
  • Fixing the decrepit letters identifying the north and south entrances to the Lou Nistico Athletic Complex.  (Nistico — the late owner of the Arrow restaurant — was a friend and mentor to many members of the Class of ’66.)
  • Sprucing up the two fieldhouse entryways.

The vandalized sign, a few weeks later.

The 3 projects will be done together — and immediately.  The target date is Graduation Day for the current Class of ’10:  June 23.

The estimated cost is $2,500. Though the Class of ’66 is taking the lead, contributions are being sought from all alumni, parents and friends of Staples.

“If 100 people give $25 each, that would cover it,” Lupton says.  “If people can give more, that’s great.  Of course, every donation helps.”

Thanks to the Class of ’66 for spearheading this effort.  And what a lesson to the Class of ’10:  Your ties to high school don’t end the day you leave.

(Checks can be made out to “Signs For Staples,” and sent to:  Signs For Staples, PO Box 2582, Westport, CT 06881.  For further information, email:

3 responses to “Signs For Staples

  1. Not sending no money to John Lupton. He still owes money to the senior class (1966) from a party fund.

  2. Great idea. I never knew what happened to our sign. It was there, then it wasn’t. I particularly like the concept of sprucing up the Nistico signage and the complex’s entry areas. I visited Staples last fall for the first time in several years and was shocked that the Nistico signage was allowed to fall into decrepitude. After all that Lou and his family have done for Staples and Staples athletics his memory deserves better. Thanks, Johno.

  3. The party fund money was probably used to throw a huge post-graduation party at the Lupton residence in Weston. Was a hell of a party, which included a GTO driven into the swimming pool. Money well spent.