“Moms The Word”

Dirty diapers.  Tantrums.  Sibling rivalries.  Useless husbands.  Sagging body parts.

Who knew motherhood was such a riot?

Dana Covey, Amy Mandelbaum and Erika Radin, for 3.

They’re the creators and stars of “Moms the Word,” a comic look at parenting in the 2010s.  The show — based on the trio’s real-life experiences with 6 kids — comes to Westport this Thursday (May 6).  Show time at the Conservative Synagogue is 7 p.m.

Line up your sitters now.

(The performance is preceded by a “mom-friendly boutique, just in time for Mother’s Day.”  Tickets are $36 in advance, $40 at the door.  Call 203-454-4673, or email gbbaker@optonline.net for more information.  For a YouTube preview, click here.)

Amy Mandelbaum, Erika Radin and Dana Covey bring their "Moms the Word" wisdom to Westport May 6.

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