Don’t Drive Like David Pogue

At the risk of turning “06880” into an all-David-Pogue-all-the-time blog — though there’s nothing wrong with that — I couldn’t let his latest CNBC/New York Times video go unmentioned.

As everyone knows — or at least should — the techmeister with his finger in a thousand pies often shoots his weekly videos here in Westport, where he lives.  The Saugatuck River, library and Y have made great sets.

Last week though, David outdid himself.

When David Pogue is behind the wheel, look out!

His subject was apps that prevent drivers from texting or calling while in motion.  David needed someplace where he could be filmed texting and calling while driving — as well as eating, drinking and clipping his nose hairs.

The Post Road wouldn’t do (even though hundreds of drivers do all that — and worse — every day).

Where in Westport could David drive without looking — and without hitting anyone or anything — on a rainy Tuesday morning?

Compo Beach.

Westporters use the beach for everything.  We go there to swim, walk, picnic, fish, bike, play softball, sail, use the playground, play soccer, tan, play volleyball, be seen, watch fireworks, play with our dogs, grill, preen, girl- or guy-watch, run, watch the sun rise and set, and make out.

Only David Pogue would go there to drive recklessly, then share the hilarious results all over the interwebs.

(Click here for David’s video, and here for a behind-the-scenes look on how he made it.)

One response to “Don’t Drive Like David Pogue

  1. I was recently on a Jet Blue flight to Miami, and as I’m sure you know, they have TVs on every seat. When the plane takes off, all of the TVs are tuned to the same channel – – which happened to be a New York Times technology channel. Needless to say, I was surprised when I saw David Pogue standing in front of Green’s Farms very own Kowalsky Farm!