If you drove past Green’s Farms Elementary School this weekend, you couldn’t miss it.

There on the right field hill of the diamond — written in huge white letters — was the plea:  “#3  Prom?”

Because Green’s Farms is the Staples softball team’s home field, we assume some guy wants whoever wears #3 for the Wreckers to go to the junior or senior prom.

“06880” readers — help an inquiring town.  If you know anything —

  • Who is #3?
  • Who asked her?
  • Did she say yes?

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18 responses to “Prom?

  1. She said yes.
    I’ll let her tell you the rest!

  2. katherine hooper

    so romantic!

  3. This just in from Westport News sports reporter John Lupton: #3 is softball co-captain Jenn Frusciante. She did indeed say yes.

    And the Westhill fans were just as intrigued by the invitation as the Staples crowd.

    Congratulations, Jenn and your creative date!

  4. Only question you didn’t get answered, Dan, is “Who asked her [Jenn]?” Hope the guy steps up to get credit for being creative and romantic. 🙂

  5. It was Austin Waiter, a senior football player.

  6. Austin is also the star goalie on the lacrosse team…
    Very good, Austin.

  7. This might be romantic and creative but isn’t the method in which he delivered his message vandalism to public property (irregardless of whether it’s temporary) ? We shouldn’t be condoning this behavior.

    • A bigger issue here is not the method of the message or even the way it was presented, but your brutality to the English language. IRREGARDLESS!!!!! No such word. Rather see a good guy like Austin get a date, tackle a few opponents, and defend his goal than have someone put down his effort with poor grammar…. No grass will continue to grow

      • Mr. Stein, you clearly miss the point. No one is putting down Austin. I think we all agree that what he did was creative and led to the desired result. The original post merely raises the issue of vandalizing public (tax payer supported) property. Are you condoning public vandalism?

        And with respect to the use of “irregardless”…hundreds of “blended” words have made their way into our lexicon…especially in this day of texting, tweeting, and blogging…but I guess you, as the blogosphere’s literary cop make no exception to the written rule. Thanks for your post.

        “Irregardless is an informal term meaning regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since it first appeared in the early twentieth century.”

  8. Julie Mombello

    Thank you Rich – I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  9. Are you serious, Mr. Stahl?

    “Condoning public vandalism”….. is the world really becoming so uptight that such a kind, romantic gesture is being turned into a question of legality? He vandalized GRASS. It disgusts me that in a town (and country) where adults are constantly criticizing teenagers for being insolent and detached, we are questioning the legality of such a well-intentioned and memorable gesture such as asking someone to prom.

    Do you know that most teenage boys would find it acceptable to ask a girl to such an important event by sending a text message reading “Prom?” The boy who did this is chivalrous and courageous. Enough with all the rigidity, please.

  10. Sensible One


    I agree totally with you!!!! It was VERY romantic and something that the lovely lady will remember for the rest of her life! She will tell that story for a very long time!!

  11. dial it back and lighten up- no harm no foul! have fun at the prom!!

  12. Just stumbled across this old post….. a little “lighten up” and enlightening in order.
    The so-called vandalism was nothing more than all natural white baking flour.
    Romantic AND environmentally conscious!

  13. Dale Bertsch

    I am Austin’s proud grandfather and think his unique way of asking Jenn to the prom was very orignal, successful and as previously noted environmently sound.