50 Weddings

Everyone connected with Longshore is getting into the 50th anniversary act.

The Rotary Club will honor Herb Baldwin — the former 1st selectman who played a key role in the town’s 1960 purchase of the former country club — at their annual golf/tennis outing in June.

Longshore Sailing School is sponsoring a reunion for 50 years’ worth of staff and students.

And let’s not forget the Inn.

On October 24 that building will host a “Westport Wedding Tour” — Westporter Andrea Rourke’s exhibition for brides-to-be (and any grooms who do not claim shotgun on football games).  She has organized many such events in the past — but this is the 1st in her hometown.

Over the years, Longshore has been the site of a bajillion weddings. Was yours one of them? (Photo courtesy of The Inn at Longshore)

As part of the decor — along with flowers and wedding cakes — Andrea hopes to show photos of couples who were married at the Inn.

A gallery of photos — many, presumably, taken on the broad lawn between the Inn and the Sound — will show how much Longshore has changed over 50 years.

And how timeless it is.

(Interested in contributing your Longshore wedding photo?  Want more information on the “Westport Wedding Tour”?  Call 800-272-3976, or click on www.weddingdayonline.com)

2 responses to “50 Weddings

  1. Hush McCormick

    Well it is nice to see the town making a big deal of perhaps its best deal. My senior prom (’66) was there as well as my sister-in-law’s wedding (1986) and look forward to attending the May 20th bash. It was always a good place to have a good time. Wonder if there is any history on the place i.e. when built, etc.??

  2. Hush,
    You’ll be happy to read the truly landmark research that historian Bob Weinbarten has unearthed about Longshore’s past. Visit the “Recent Findings” section of the Longshore 50th’s website, http://www.westporthistory.org/longshore50, to read it. And do let your sister-in-law know that we’re also compiling a special “Longshore Wedding Album” …