Are You Drinking Recycled Wastewater?

A scrumptious breakfast buffet.  Hot coffee and cold orange juice.  Plenty of recycled wastewater, straight from your septic system to you.

That’s the menu offered up at this Friday morning’s Sunrise Rotary Club meeting (April 16, 7:30 a.m. at Bobby Q’s).

Sure, it’s not the usual Rotary fare.  If it was, it wouldn’t have made the cut as an “06880”-worthy item.

(Courtesy of North Georgia Water)

Jonathan Steinberg and Helen Martin-Block — 2 members of Westport RTM’s Septic Education Task Force — will tell the Rotarians how they (the task force) function, and how beneficial septic systems are to Westporters who have them, their neighborhoods, and the environment at large.

The septic educators (2 words that never before in history were used together) gave a similar talk yesterday to Westport’s other Rotary Club.

According to Steinberg, some Westporters may be unaware that “the effluent of septic tanks soaks into the ground where naturally occurring bacteria provided by Mother Nature does a magnificent job of purifying it, enabling it to be drawn up from wells and consumed again.”

Go figure.

Speaking of figures:  Of Westport’s 10,000 households, 6,000 have septic systems.  Their proper care and maintenance directly impacts water quality and the environment.

The Septic Education Task Force hopes its creative approach will “instruct, entertain and lead to improved septic system management practices on a long-term basis.”

Bon appetit!

(Guests are welcome at tomorrow’s Sunrise Rotary breakfast meeting.  The $12 fee includes a breakfast buffet, but no recycled wastewater.  For more information, contact president John Hendrickson:

One response to “Are You Drinking Recycled Wastewater?

  1. Innocent Bystander

    Hmmm . . . that’s interesting as I sip my morning coffee. So the septic sewage kills the bacteria in my lawn and then runs off to the reservior where it is treated to meet my taste buds. So what happens when the damn thing backs up from every toilet in the house? Am I germ free then? Is this a cop out for not putting in more sewer?