Party At Longshore!

For a few weeks now, we’ve heard about Longshore’s 50th anniversary celebration.

We’ve been reminded of the town’s visionary purchase of the failing country club in 1960 — saving it from being chopped up into hundreds of building lots — and we’ve learned about the property’s past as farms and fields.

Enough of history.  Let’s party!

The Longshore 50th anniversary committee is throwing a 1960s cocktail dance party.  Cracked Ice — a rock/soul/pop/funk/jazz group led by Crispin Cioe, who has toured with the Stones, Aretha and Ray Charles — will highlight the May 20 bash.

Organizers suggest ’60s attire, hairdos and dances.

But remember:  This is the 2010s.  It’s a cocktail dance party.  Leave the — well, you know — at home.

(Tickets for the May 20 cocktail dance party are $75 [by April 30] and $85 [May 1 and after].  Checks payable to “Town of Westport,” with “Longshore 50” on the memo line, should be sent to Mike Pettee, 517 Harvest Commons, Westport 06880.  Proceeds will help collect and preserve Longshore’s rich history.  For more ticket information, call Mike at 203-227-0473, or email him:

9 responses to “Party At Longshore!

  1. I don’t know…

  2. The Dude Abides

    Party on! Sounds great. Not sure what a 1960 party would consist of ? Perhaps too much scotch, driving home stinko drunk with someone else’s wife? Sign me up.
    P.S. Is Viagra allowed?

  3. YO! Dude,
    No way.
    This is more a Quaaludeian affair.

  4. The Dude Abides

    V-day Tom. The Dude Abides. Q-school is cool.
    Need to save up on my saliva!

  5. I don’t know either.

  6. I don’t know as well.

  7. The Dude Abides

    Well is it “either” or “well”??? Confucious says confusion confusing.

  8. Confused III

    I don’t know that answer either, as well.

  9. The Dude Abides

    Well CIII, just show up stoned and dance to the music. As Lt. Frank Slade infamously said:
    “When you are all tangled up, don’t forget to tango.”