Welcome To Westport!

Corinne Trang

Corinne Trang is an award-winning cookbook author, expert on Asian cuisines and cultures, beverage and food consultant, lecturer, spokesperson, chef, recipe developer, and lifestyle writer.

(Hey, that’s what her bio says.)

She’s also a new resident of Westport.

In just a few months, Corinne has become as big a town fan as any realtor or Chamber of Commerce booster.

A recent post on her blog began:

I’m in Westport, CT, a place I visited for the first time last Fall and instantly fell in love with. From the new deck of my charming little cottage, I see the Long Island Sound and the beautiful indigo sky over it.

Beneath is the beach, a mixture of soft sand, tiny round pebbles, seashells, and algae. Brutal is the cold this morning, but I can’t help standing here. Leaning against the railing, I look out into the horizon, the view so calming I feel the weight of New York City where I’ve lived for the last 20 or more years slowly lifting off my shoulders.

Waking up at 5:30 a.m., she continues:

I like to ease into my day…looking at the beautiful sunrise against the puffy white clouds displaying a myriad of reflected shades of red, pink, orange and yellow and everything in between. My bed faces in that direction for the first glimpse of that stunning, painterly view. The tide is low, the birds walking on the basin’s ocean floor for hundreds of feet beyond the edge of the beach. Getting up, I have a good stretch, walk over to the porch and can’t believe that I have this, now, today.

Though Corinne’s kitchen is “most humble,” she loves it.  It is like none of her previous kitches, yet

somehow it feels right at this moment. And the old electric stove with a little boost from me puts out beautiful food. Perhaps, it’s because this new place is inspiring me to be open and create.

She enjoys breakfast on her porch, and thinks of her trips to

Italy, Thailand, Sweden, Corsica, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Korea, and so on. I’ve traveled the world and have always been captured in some way or another by the local culture and its people.

Here in Westport, I feel similarly. I’m enthralled by my surroundings, excited to get to know this New England town. After a couple of months here, I’m ready to dig deeper into Westport and its neighboring towns.

Everything is always exciting when it’s new and fresh, but I have a feeling that Westport will keep being just that for me for many years to come. Having loved the mountain air, with no desire to live near the water until now, it is interesting to me, at this moment, that it was a boat ride and fishing excursion that got me here in the first place.

Well, fishing season is coming up and what better place to be than right here in Westport, CT. It seems to me that I’ve come home.

Welcome to Westport, Corinne.

Welcome home.

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  1. Hello FB Friend! I’m so delighted to read that you have happily settled into your new digs in Westport. Be well.