Manolo Is Not A Takeout Restaurant

Westport’s selectmen have plenty to do.  In addition to setting budgets, ensuring public safety and deciding where dogs can poop, our top 3 elected officials act as the town’s Traffic Authority.

This doesn’t need an emergency meeting — the sign’s been around since the Herb Baldwin days, probably — but at some point our selectmen might reconsider 15-minute parking on Church Lane.

I’m sure Cafe Manolo is not pleased that diners worry about tickets even before the menus arrive.

Across the street at the YMCA it takes 15 minutes just to climb the stairs to the locker room, change, then make your way back down to the pool.

The parking restriction might have worked when Manolo was a bank vault, and the Y was a firehouse.

But the streets of Westport are no longer filled with Packards, flivvers and horses.

One response to “Manolo Is Not A Takeout Restaurant

  1. Caustic Cynic

    Excellent observation. For those of us who frequent the YMCA, it is always a brief dilemna on whether to violate God’s will by parking in the Episcopal parking lot or risking the availability of a spot closer and breaking the magic “15 minute” town rule. While the town is at it, why don’t they consider taking down a lot of these ugly signs, loosening up on the parking restrictions and/or merely painting such restrictions on the pavement?