Westport’s Divine Comedy

Roz Chast, at tonight's reception.

Tonight’s Westport Arts Center opening of “Divine Comedy” — featuring the works of Roz Chast, the New Yorker cartoonist who is to nebbishness what Michelangelo was to God, and R. Crumb, for whom whatever else he does in life will always be overshadowed by his “Cheap Thrills” album art for Janis Joplin — was a high-spirited affair.

The Arts Center offered up clever art, clever art patrons, and wine.  It was a strong opening for an important show.

“06880” will refrain from making the obvious joke that such a reception was redundant, because what is Westport life if not one big cartoon?

2 responses to “Westport’s Divine Comedy

  1. The Dude Abides

    This poor lady with a wonderful name, Roz Chast, did not get a single comment so here goes. I always wonder why the basis of all new plays are connected to ole works. Staples’ Players seem to only do plays from the 1950-1960’s. I am sure Ms. Chast’s adaption of the “Divine Comedy is contemporary but how many times does want to see “How to Be Successful in Business Without Even Trying” do you want to see??? Even if your grandkid has a minor role. Where have all the playwrights gone????

  2. Sandy Lefkowitz

    What I love best about the Chast’s cartoons is her ability to give a comedic life to my pedestrian thoughts.
    Crumb’s cartoons in the mix adds the looseness and takes me to places beyond the quotidian. Particularly true when seen in context of his life. You get a glimmer of that in the film clips.
    This is a terrific show!